Wednesday, November 20, 2019

T is for Tame Toddler Grooming Kit

Hi Neighbors!!

Here is a seriously cute grooming kit for the littles in your life.  Inside the adorable pouch you will find products from T is for Tame, a natural wooden hairbrush specifically for babies and toddlers is first.  Next is the Taming Matte Cream, which is 100% natural.  And last of all is the Taming Mist Sprayer, also 100% natural.  Both of these products contain, Coconut Oil, Jojoba Oil and Tapioca.  It has a pleasant scent of coconut.

You can purchase the Taming Matte Cream ($11.49) and the Taming Mist Sprayer ($9.95) individually or in this kit.  Personally for a gift, I would go with the kit. ($23.95) The hairbrush is also available under accessories. (($7.99)

Visit the T is for Tame website and take a look, as they have other products available.  You can also follow them on their social media.
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Instagram - HERE

Great to see you out today!! See you soon, where neighbors share!

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