Friday, November 15, 2019

Skrible Pencil Case Warrior Plus

Hi Neighbors!!

Skrible has some really well-made pencil cases.  They come either regular or the Plus.  We received the Warrior Plus which is a pink camo color. This case has two zippers, and twice the storage of their regular case.

There is plenty of room for pens, pencils, small notebooks, IDs, even a cell phone will fit.  Not only is  a Skrible case a good gift for a student, but it would also work for some crafters.  Crochet hooks would easily fit in the pencil holders.  My daughter does calligraphy and this would be a great case for her to carry around her different pens with notecards and envelopes.

They have cases in several different colors and designs.  The zippers are sturdy and will hold up to being used several times daily.  The case is what is called a hard case and is made of a material that can be wiped down when it gets dirty.

You can purchase the cases on their website, Skrible or on Amazon.

Find them on their social media:
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