Tuesday, November 26, 2019

OOLY Has Some Great Gift Ideas!!

Hey neighbors!!

We love OOLY!!  They have some of the greatest gift ideas!!  Just look at the different pens, markers, erasers and notebooks we received!!  Below is a mini pocket sized journal.  They are perfect for keeping notes in or jotting down ideas.  We also have some Glitter Journals.  What young girl doesn't love glitter!!  The really unique notebook, Flip Side, opens in both directions.  One side is lined and when you flip it over and open the other side it is blank pages.  

 Up above with the glitter notebooks you can see the Color Lustre Mettalic Markers.  Below here are the Smooth Hues Markers in beautiful, bright colors.  Below those are some pens, that remind me of calligraphy pens.  You have the ink cartridge stored inside, and the first time you use them, you need to open the pen, turn the ink cartridge over and push it down in to puncture the ink cartridge.  They are called the Color Write Fountain Pens and the Fab Fountain Pen.  The Fab Fountain pens are black ink while the other set is colored ink.  They are both fine tips.

There is also a set of Radiant Writers Glitter Gel Pens.  These are perfect for Bible Journaling, drawing, or just for fun!  OOLY sparks creativity!!

Last of all are these fun, Holiday Happy Packs from OOLY.  The first is the Unicorns Holiday Happy Pack.  It includes 6 Unicorn pencils, a Jumbo Rainbow Eraser, that is fruit scented.  Last of all is the Mighty SharpenerThat has three different size sharpener holes.  Next is the Comic Attack Holiday Happy Pack.  This one has 3 Ninja Erasers, 12 pencils with "Pow", "Zap", and "Wham" written all over them in colorful letters.  And of course it also has a Mighty Sharpener.

So many items from OOLY would make great presents or stocking stuffers.  You could create a really nice art gift basket with just OOLY products!!  You can purchase OOLY products on the OOLY website directly, or you can find them on Amazon.  You can find OOLY on their social media:
Facebook - HERE
Instagram - HERE

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