Friday, November 22, 2019

Nicefeel Water Flosser All Wrapped Up

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Today I want to tell you about a Water Flosser, the 300ml, we found from Nicefeel.  The water flosser can also be called an oral irrigator.  They use water pressure to clean the teeth, between teeth and the gums.  They are good for removing plaque and food particles at the gum line.  Two of my daughters use water flossers on a regular basis.  This would make a good gift for someone you know who is on the road a lot.

Cleaning the tooth gap, the tooth surface
Effectively remove plaque
Suppress gum bleeding
Reduce bad breath
Solve the troubles of the orthodontic person cleaning the mouth
Relieve toothache
Save on the cost and time of dental cleaning
Effective prevention of tooth decay and dental caries in children

This particular flosser from Nicefeel is perfect for travel.  It comes with a plastic car for the heads, as well as a drawstring bag for carrying everything.  As you can see in the pictures this is a completely portable model.  With three different settings, you will be able to choose the cleaning power you need, normal, soft or pulse.  A 4 hour charge should give you a 20 day use.  The USB cord and plug are included.  This unit is easy to clean as the reservoir is completely removable.

The Nicefeel Portable Water Flosser is presently $39.99.  They do have some other models available if you are looking for something a little different.  Stop by the Nicefeel website.

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