Saturday, November 23, 2019

My Charge for the Holidays

Hey neighbors!!

This portable charger, HubMax from My Charge is perfect to take with you on trips, where you might need to give an extra charge to your phone or tablet.  HubMax is great and makes a wonderful gift.  It comes with self contained prongs for re-charging your HubMax, but it also comes with built in cords.  It has both an Apple Lightning Cable and an integrated micro-USB cable.  It also has a USB port.  You can charge just about any tablet or smartphone with this small (only in size) portable charger.  Battery Capacity - 10050mAh

Be aware of what cables you need, because My Charge does carry other portable chargers with different built-in cables.  They also come with different battery capacities.  My daughters will most likely be taking this one with them when they travel, so that they will have a backup in place for charging their phones.  This would also be perfect for my husband, because the cables are built in, and he is constantly misplacing his cables.

Visit the My Charge website to see if they have the portable charger you need for that special gift or stocking stuffer.  You might even want to grab one for yourself as well.  Give them a follow on their social media.
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Using the My Charge HubMax to charge my iPad.

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