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Morgan Taylor Holiday Colors

Hi Neighbors,

Check out these new colors from Morgan Taylor!! It is their Champagne & Moonbeams Collection!!  My daughters and I were so excited when these arrived.  We like to have a girls night about twice a month, sometimes more often, where we watch a Hallmark movie, paint our nails, soak our feet or use a face mask.  Sometimes we just listen to music while we do our girl things!!  Painting our nails often wins out, with us sometimes trying two or three colors until we are happy.

We LOVE these new colors!!  I am more the quiet type coloring, but my daughters really enjoy the more vibrant colors.  They occasionally convince me to go a little wild with the color of my toe nails, but generally for the fingernails I am more subdued.  We all found a color we liked in the new releases.

Headed out to a Christmas party?  Make sure you apply on of the new Morgan Taylor colors.  Like glittery?  They have it!  You can look shimmeriffic in the Sprinkle of Twinkle, Walking on Stardust, Copper Dream, or  Gilded in Gold.  Maybe you want a deep red that makes a statement.  You can with See you in my Dreams.  I personally love the deep chocolatey color of Shooting Star or the glimmer of gray in Let there be Moonlight.  A Starry Sight is a deep, dark purple.  Looking for a little less bling?  Try Tell Her She's Stellar or From Dusk to Dawn. (I love both these colors.). The last one is A Kiss in the Dark.  You got it, this one is black.  Anyone of these new colors would be perfect for a date night, holiday party or everyday wear.

I can not believe how smoothly this nail Lacquer goes on.  I am often dissatisfied because there are streaks or clumps after a couple coats of polish.  Not so with the Morgan Taylor Holiday line.  I was very satisfied by the results and how well the color stayed.  Now if I could just get my cuticles to stop drying out in this cold weather.

We went to the local salon and had her do our nails using the Morgan Taylor holiday colors.  I have the cute little gingerbread man and my daughter has the snowflake.  All the colors used are from the Champagne & Moonbeams collection.  Please excuse the dry cuticles and fingers, we have had some unseasonably cold weather and it is wreaking havoc on my hands.

Anyway, be sure to grab a couple bottle to use and stocking stuffers and make sure you grab a couple for yourself!!

Visit the Morgan Taylor website, and be sure to follow their social media, so you won't miss a thing!!
Facebook - HERE
Twitter - HERE
Instagram - HERE

Thanks for visiting with us today, where neighbors share!!


Jackie said…
I love the colors and the nail art. The gingerbread man and the snow flake are so cute!
Shelly Peterson said…
These are really pretty polish colors. I love the snowflake and gingerbread man

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