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Interview With Carlo Marks | Angel Falls: A Novel Holiday


Mercy: Could you share a little bit about yourself? What started your interest in acting?
Carlo: Well, growing up, my parents ran a community theater in a pretty small town on the west coast of Vancouver Island. They immigrated from America and started a community theater so I kind of grew up in the midst of all that so it was always in my conscience-ness, that show business thing.
I never thought you could actually make a living off of it or anything, but it was a lot of fun and a great way to develop and be a part of community.

Mercy: What is your favorite role or character that you've played and why?
Carlo: I'm going to give that cliche answer that I think it's still to come.  Playing David Peck has been one I really enjoyed. I've gotten to do it so often over the years so that's been nice to come home to that one but I think my favorite role is still to come.

Mercy: One of my family's favorite TV shows is Chesapeake Shores! How are you most like and unlike your character of David Peck?
Carlo: Well, David Peck is kind of like the perfect guy *laughs*. He's kind of hard to live up to in real life. I think playing David Peck has actually made me a better person in real life. I've tried to take some of his characteristics into my life. Like those things that he does to surprise Jess, I do that for my own girlfriend more than I would've if I hadn't played David Peck. Not on that scale because I don't have the financial resources he does. That's one of the ways we're different *laughs*. I don't have that East Coast money.

Mercy: What is a character development or plot line you'd like to see for David next season?
Carlo: If - and I hope there is a next season - I'd like to see him to find his way in the family even more. To become even more a part of the family and see other relationships develop with others in the family. He's hung out a little bit with Bree, but to see how he hangs out with the brothers and the father and mother. Maybe Nell if she's back, see them cook together, that kind of thing.  Just to see how his energy vibes with that family. I think that would be fun.

Mercy: What do you like to do in your free time? Any hobbies?
Carlo: Well, like I had mentioned, I just got back from a hike - that something I like to do, get out in the trees or in the water on the beach. That's one of my big hobbies. It's essential for me to recharge by getting out in nature. It's more than a hobby, I think, it's a necessity.

Mercy: What is your favorite place that you've ever traveled to?
Carlo: I traveled to South America when I was quite young, 19 or something, and we were surfing on the west coast. We found this little place in Ecuador called Mompiche. We were the only tourists there and we stayed for about a week and just surfed there with all the local kids. It was kind of special - it was like we discovered it, my friend and I. I checked it out a few years ago on the internet and now it's like a surf Mecca for tourists all over the world, so I feel like we caught it right before it exploded. That's one of my most favorite places I've traveled to.

Mercy: If you could play a role from any movie from the past, what or who would it be?
Carlo: Good question. What personally comes to mind is Chris McCandless from Into The Wild. At that time in my life, I related to that character so much and I would have loved to do that.  Or Indiana Jones, something where you're on an adventure outside and moving locations - I would really enjoy that.

Mercy: What is the most rewarding aspect of being an actor?
Carlo: I think the most rewarding thing about being an actor for me is when it really happens, when you really sink into a character, is that you feel empathy. You understand how somebody else views the world and you feel empathy for them. That even if you previously didn't understand where they were coming from or didn't share their opinions, but you get inside their skin-- I hope it develops that empathy muscle and helps you understand people maybe you don't like or disagree with. Once you're inside their point of view, you understand where they are coming from, that everybody is kind of after the same thing and has the same needs and wants.  I think acting is a great way to develop that empathy muscle. That's one of the most rewarding things.

Carlo & his girlfriend

Mercy: What is your favorite part of making Hallmark movies?
Carlo: The people. For whatever reason, Hallmark is good at collecting really lovely human beings. That goes for directors, actors, crew. Hallmark obviously has a big heart; that's why people love it and keep coming back to it, and that's because the people working on it have big hearts. Making movies can be tiring and exhausting, 16-hour days and stuff but these people, for the most part, maintain their cool and their joy for it. There's no big egos, fights, or anything like that so far, fingers crossed *laughs*

Mercy: Could you share a little bit about Angel Falls 2: A Novel Holiday?
Carlo: Yes, I can! I play Ryan and it's kind of different because it's the male character coming back from the city into the small town. I'm coming back into this town where I grew up and I haven't been back since my parents passed. I'm coming back to deal with their estate finally, and I reconnect with a woman that I was friends with growing (played by Jen Lilley). In doing so, I kind of heal those old wounds and we redefine our relationship, the one we had as kids. We were kind of frenemies, so we teased each other a lot. But now, it kind of develops into something else with a little help of a guardian someone. I think people are really going to like it. We had a ton of fun making it! It felt like there was great chemistry on set with all of the actors. I'm really excited to see it and I think everyone will be as well. It's coming out on December 15th.

Courtesy of Crown Media/Hallmark Channel

Mercy: Are there any fun stories you can share from on set?
Carlo: Well, one thing that was kind of fun was Jen Lilley's brand new fresh baby girl was there a lot. Her name is Julie. She was lovely, she has these big eyes and she refused to go to sleep when there was action, so she was just watching everything. It was nice to come back out of the cold and see this glowing little being there. She was so good, didn't cry or anything. That was just a fun thing to have and, you know, you can't be grumpy when there's a little two month old around. She was kind of the angel of Angel Falls. That was great.

Christmas Question Time!

Mercy: What is your favorite Christmas tradition or memory?
Carlo: Growing up, we had a cabin in the woods that there was no electricity or anything, just a wood-burning stove. And my favorite Christmas memory is (remember I grew up on the West Coast of Canada and it doesn't snow very often) one Christmas Eve, we went to sleep and it was raining but when we woke up in the morning, there was snow everywhere - in the trees and on the beach! It's something else to see a beach covered with snow next to that ocean. It's magical and I'll never forget that.

Mercy: What is your must-have Christmas food?
Carlo: I don't always get it, but my mom used to make these pecan buns on Christmas morning. She's not a big baker but she would begrudgingly make these every Christmas morning. I think she had to prepare the night before and then that morning she would do it. My sister has since taken over the tradition but these pecan buns are like...that makes me think of Christmas! It's a tradition I love.

Mercy: What is your favorite Christmas movie?
Carlo: I mean, you've got to go with another angel movie - It's A Wonderful Life. Clarence, Jimmy Stewart... I also really like Scrooged with Bill Murray. I think those are my top two. I love It's A Wonderful Life.

Mercy: If they ever redo it, I think you would make a perfect George Bailey!
Carlo: Really?! That is a high compliment. *gives George Bailey impersonation* I would do that in a second.
Mercy: That would be awesome!

Mercy: What is your favorite Christmas song?
Carlo: Silver Bells

Mercy: White or green Christmas?
Carlo: Well, like my favorite memory, I like the white on top of the green *laughs*

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Courtesy of Crown Media/Hallmark Channel


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