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Interview With Andrew Walker | Merry & Bright | Christmas On My Mind

 Mercy: Could you share a little bit about yourself?

Andrew: Yeah, sure. My name is Andrew. I'm originally from Montreal, Canada.  I have been living in California now for about 18 years. I've done about 19 Hallmark movies.  I have a juice company in Los Angelos, I'm an entrepreneur as well.  I started that company about seven years ago with my wife. We have a four year old. The juice company is called Little West inspired by our son's name West and also for our love of the west coast.  I've Been super fortunate to work with Hallmark for the amount of time that I have.  To do the films that I've done and to work with the people that I've worked with. Such an incredible network and they're so supportive of their actors so just really been having a great time doing these films.
I'm a big skier, love skiing. I'm big into outdoors - I love canoeing, hiking, skiing, camping.  In a nutshell that's who I am.

Mercy: Who is your favorite character that you've portrayed in a Hallmark movie?
Andrew: Wow, you're testing me here.  I really enjoyed playing Chase Taynor, he was a baseball player in a movie I did with Nikki DeLoach called The Perfect Catch.  It was fun to play this major league baseball player that blows the World Series and has to go back to his hometown to basically reconnect with his family and friends - get away from baseball and the big city for a minute and find himself. I thought that was a really dynamic character to play. A lot of fun. For them to super impose the stadium behind me, I had a pitching coach, I'm not even a pitcher at all, I hardly even play baseball at all. Football is my sport. It was just fun to work with a pitching coach and play that character.
There's been so many that I've had a great time doing. I loved the character I played in Bottled With Love. Also just the dynamic that Bethany Joy Lenz and I had in that movie. Just a really fun movie and we got to work on the comedic aspect of that a lot. It really flowed and a really great, immediate chemistry that I had with her.

Mercy: Where is a location/area you'd like to film a movie in but never have?
Andrew: Iceland!

Mercy: If you weren't an actor what would you do?
Andrew: Maybe interior design.

Mercy: What is the most rewarding part of being an actor?
Andrew: I think the recognition that fans give you when they appreciate your work. Also, to be able to give people a time-out from life - to be an escape for people.

Mercy: Why do you think Hallmark movies have become as popular as they are?
Andrew: Kind of goes with what my last response was.  Giving people a break from life.  Transporting them into this figment-ed world of imagination - these beautiful little towns, this augmented realm of reality.  It's like this land of perfection in a way and I think that people respond to it now. There's a lot of negative in the world and people like to escape and watch a Hallmark movie. Feel like their living vicariously through these characters and feel happy.

Mercy: Can you share about your two upcoming Hallmark Christmas movies?
Andrew: Sure. I have Merry & Bright coming out November 2nd at 8:00 on The Hallmark Channel. Christmas On My Mind is on Hallmark Movies And Mysteries and that airs December 22nd also at 8:00 I believe. Two very different movies.

Cast of Merry & Bright

Merry & Bright is about a girl who inherited a Candy Cane factory. I play an executive that comes in. I'm a consultant that's been hired to come in and change the company around - make it do better. Cate  is played by Jodie Sweetin. It's more comedic - On Hallmark Channel we're allowed to push the comedy a little bit more then Movies and Mysteries. Jodie and I had a great time on this movie. My character comes in to try and turn around the company from going under and we end up finding all these creative ways to remedy the company and try and save it from going bankrupt. Along the way we end up falling for each other as I'm sure you guessed *laughs*

Cast of Christmas On My Mind

Christmas On My Mind I got to act with first time Hallmark actress Ashley Greene who is awesome! She's an amazing actress and this movie is really interesting because you watch Ashley Greene's character - She slips and falls at the beginning of the movie wearing a wedding dress and when she comes to she has retro-grade amnesia. She forgets who is she, where she is, what year it is, and what town she's in. She basically has to piece together her past to try and figure out who she is. She reverts back to 2 years ago, basically the only time she remembers and that's when she was with my character. I help her find her memory again and along the way we end up realizing we never should have broken up in the first place and I guess the fans will have to watch the movie to see what happens next.

Mercy: Any other upcoming projects you can share about?
Andrew: I know I'm going to be doing a bunch more movies with Hallmark. I just don't know what exact one's yet. I'm also in development on a few right now. I would hate to give some title because they normally change - I don't want people looking for these title that are most likely going to change.  I'm producing one project for sure for Hallmark and I'm going to acting in a handful more for them I know over the next year and a half I have 5 more movies coming out on either Hallmark Channel or Movies And Mysteries.
I just got of the set of Christmas On My Mind last week - that was my last project as of now. Just coming back to LA -  my next project is helping my wife give birth to our second child December 13th so just being there as a dad and supporting her in childbirth.

Andrew & his family

Mercy: Congratulations!
Andrew: Thank you so much!

Christmas Question Time:

Mercy: What is your favorite Christmas song?
Andrew: My favorite Christmas song is O Tannenbaum by the Vince Guaraldi Trio.

Mercy: What is your favorite Christmas food/dessert?
Andrew: I would have to go with... My mom makes this like, pineapple fluff. It's got chunks of pineapple in it but it' also got custard and whipped cream and she calls it a pineapple fluff. *laughs* It's got to be that!

Mercy: What is your favorite Christmas movie?
Andrew: Home Alone.

Mercy: What is your favorite Christmas memory or tradition?
Andrew: My favorite Christmas traditions are music with my family. I come from a very musical family. We all get together, eat first and then play music for hours so just creating music with my family.

Mercy: White or green Christmas?
Andrew: White.

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