Saturday, November 16, 2019

Go Fun Face - Holiday Fun!

Hi Neighbors!!

Her is a gift the kids will love, and probably some teens and college students.  Ok, and some males in the family!!  It is called Go Fun Face.  Each of these masks are made of durable foam rubber, and they are washable!!  There are several different animal masks to choose from, and they are able to create masks if you desire something different for your company or team.

The masks are very comfortable because they are made of foam.  I like that the eye holes are actually large enough to see out of.  You have some room for adjustment on fit too.

The masks are priced from $22 to $26 and they presently have 17 masks to choose from.  We received the Dog and Bear.  They are really cute!  Be sure to visit the Go Fun Face website and take a look around.

Thank you for visiting with us today, where neighbors share!!

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