Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Freshe Tech Essential Oil Diffuser

Hey neighbors!!

This  next product makes a great holiday gift for women, but even some men diffuse essential oils.  I have a diffuser I use in my bedroom, and we have two others around the home.  All my daughters pull a diffuser out when they feel a cold or allergies coming on.  The June & May Diffuser  ($59.95) from Freshe Tech is a simple Morrocan design.  It is simple to use, and is very quiet when on.  They also have a four pack of essential oils ($24.95) available that will get you started on diffusing essential oils.  Each oil has different properties.  Some of the scents are calming, some help you relax and sleep, others will sharpen and clear you're mind.

The four set of oils includes, Orange, Lavender, Eucalyptus and Peppermint.  I use lavender at night to help me relax and sleep.  I use Eucalyptus when my allergies are acting up, or when I feel a cold coming on.  To me Orange is a pleasant scent that I diffuse during the day to help make the home smell light and clean.  Peppermint is perfect for the holidays!! I also use it as a deterrent for small pests.

The June & May Diffuser comes with an integrated safety shut off.  So you have no worries using your diffuser day or night.  Another soothing factor built in to this diffuser is the LED color changing lights.  Set the mood for a calm relaxing evening with the calming lights while filling your home with a light, pleasing scent.

Check out the Freshe Tech website for more information on the June & May Diffuser.

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