Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Floating Sunglasses from Rheos

Hi Neighbors!!

Check out these lightweight, floating sunglasses from Rheos Gear!  How many have at some point in their life been fishing or boating and lost their sunglasses overboard?  The cool thing about Rheos sunglasses is they float!!  Now, when I say light weight, I in no way mean cheap.  They are well-made and comfortable to wear.  They come in several different styles and they even have them for children.

These glasses are polarized and provide 100% UV protection.  They have an anti-scratch lens with a fast acting anti-fog coating.  They also added a coating to act as a water repellent as well as a coating that protects from salt water, oil from your fingers and usage.  All this wrapped up into one sweet looking pair of floating sunglasses.

Now, I won't be using mine on the water anytime soon, because we are having freezing temps lately, but come January I have a feeling my sunglasses will be going on a gospel music cruise with my daughters!

Visit the Rheos website, look around and then follow them on their social media after you purchase some sunglasses for holiday gifts.
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