Saturday, November 30, 2019

Dr. Bessette Naturals - LOLASOAP

Hey neighbors!!

Received a bar of LOLASOAP from Dr. Bessette Naturals.  It was a soap she specifically designed for her dog, Lola.  The bar of soap is a castile soap with castor bean oil to provide an abundance of bubbles and lather.  It has citrus and other essential oils that create a light, pleasant scent.  It can be used for pets or for a human body bar.  The soaps would be a good stocking stuffer.

Ingredient List:
Saponified Coconut
Olive Oil
Castor Bean Oil
Rain Water
Other Natural Ingredients

Dr. Bessette carries many other natural products on her site, soaps and skin care, as well as aromatherapy.  Quote from Dr. Bessette: "We make exceptional handmade soaps absolutely free from artificial anything. We only use essential oils for fragrance, and color our products with natural clays or food purees."

Take a moment to visit Dr. Bessette Naturals and look around. 

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