Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Chameleon Pens, Markers and Pencils for Artists

Hey neighbors!

Check out these pens from Chameleon!! Now you might wonder why they are called Chameleon, it is because you can change colors.  Literally!!  The Chameleon Fineliners pen has ink both in the pen itself and in the cap.  You can change caps and blend colors.  You can do just one color, or you can blend several colors by changing to different caps.  These are perfect for the budding artist, journaling, planners and many other artistic endeavors.

They also have Chameleon Pens, which you can use their Color Tops with to create over 1000 different colors.  Talk about having a huge variety of colors to choose from. These would be perfect stocking stuffers, or you could create an art basket with some Chameleon pens, a sketch pad, and perhaps one of those beautiful coloring books they have out now. Throw in a few other art products and you are good to go!

I was really impressed the way the Chameleon pens gradually change color. I took some time playing around with them on a scrap of packing paper just for fun!

Visit the Chameleon website and look around.  They have videos you can watch on how to use the pens, as well as projects people have completed with their Chameleon Pena, markers and pencils.  Take a moment to follow them on their social media.
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Once again, great to see you here, where neighbors share!!

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