Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Beam n Read for Book Lovers

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My daughters and I all LOVE to read. I personally love to read on trips, but usually can't after it gets dark.  I prefer physical books over e-books, so once the sun set, I could no longer read.  The Beam n Read solves my problem.  The light, actually 6 tiny LED lights, hang from an elastic strap you place around your neck.  You can choose to have 3 or 6 of the lights on at a time, depending on the brightness you need and of course how wide you need the light to spread. 6 LEDS will give a brighter light, but by using only 3 LEDS you will have longer battery life.  It easily lights two pages of a book.

The Beam n Read requires 4 AA batteries that do not come with the light.  Included with the light though are two different blue-light-blocking relaxation filters.
  • BNR Orange Filter to soften and warm the light and block blue light
  • BNR Red Filter to block blue light, reduce ambient light for an extra-sensitive bed companion
    and to help avoid night blindness when switching between lighted and dark conditions
The Beam n Read is also perfect for those who crochet, quilt or do other craft projects requiring both hands.  It will also assist those like myself, who need bright light when working on something small and/or delicate.

I received the Beam n Read LED 6 Hands-Free Task Light ($29.95 + Shipping and Handling).  They also have a Beam n Read LED 3 Hands-Free Travel and Reading Light.  There are two other variations available.  You can purchase the lights on their website, Amazon or Newegg.

Put together a Beam n Read with a couple books from a favorite author, and you have a perfect gift for a reader.  Fill a basket with yarn, crochet needles and a Beam n Read for a holiday gift basket.  You can do the same thing for someone who enjoys needlepoint or another hands on craft.

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