Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Artistic Atmosphere has Holiday Gifts

Hey neighbors!!

I LOVE letter boards!! This felt letter board with easel stand and 4 different color letters is just one of the items you will find available on the Artistic Atmosphere website.

You will probably be seeing this letter board many more times on our site here, as I will use it in photos throughout this next year.  The board comes with the smaller white letters, but they have other letters you can purchase in a larger size.  I have the Blue, Purple and Pink.  See how nice that looks below?  The letter sets each come with a canvas bag to store the letters.  Interestingly enough, they have some emoji and other symbols included.

These would also make a great gift for a photographer who does family shoots or baby shoots.  A blogger can put these to good us in the photos she takes of food or products.  If you know someone like my daughter, she likes to have one in her room and randomly share a Scripture or thought for the week.

I personally love the look of the wood burned felt letter boards.  They also have the ability to do custom boards.  See the pic below borrowed from their website.

Stop by the Artistic Atmosphere website and take a look around.  If you have time follow them on their social media.
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Instagram - HERE

See you soon, where neighbors share!!

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