Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Art Studio Live for the Holidays

Hi neighbors!!

Here is the perfect gift for that aspiring artist in your life, or someone who enjoys dabbling in painting.  Art Studio Live is an "All in One" learn to paint kit.  Not only do you receive a kit with all your supplies, but it includes an online library of painting tutorial videos.

You'll receive all you need to create your masterpiece.  Your paint kit includes;
6 paints, 3 brushes, 2 canvases, 1 palette.  If you have chosen the paint party experience, you'll get 4 sets.  Best part, all paint kits include FREE shipping! ($29.95 plus tax)

Select 1 video of your choice with no time limit, playable up to 10 times.
Which means you can return to your video if you haven't finished or want to create a  second painting with your bonus canvas.   

Another really neat feature of Art Studio Live is that they also have available a Paint Party Kit.  This includes enough supplies for 4 people to participate with you in a Paint Party.  What a really neat idea!! ($79.95 plus tax)

The kit is set up for someone as young as 6 to the age of 99 to be able to learn to paint.  You choose from their online library of instructional videos and then begin to paint your flowers, still life animals, whatever you have chosen.  The videos are set up for beginner to intermediate.

So. who do you know that would benefit from this wonderful gift for the holidays?  Visit the Art Studio Live website and look around a little.  Then take a moment to follow them on their social media.
Facebook - HERE
Instagram - HERE

Loved having you visit today!! Stop by again soon, where neighbors share!

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