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Dr. Bessette Naturals - LOLASOAP

Hey neighbors!! Received a bar of LOLASOAP from Dr. Bessette Naturals .  It was a soap she specifically designed for her dog, Lola.  The bar of soap is a castile soap with castor bean oil to provide an abundance of bubbles and lather.  It has citrus and other essential oils that create a light, pleasant scent.  It can be used for pets or for a human body bar.  The soaps would be a good stocking stuffer. Ingredient List: Saponified Coconut Olive Oil Castor Bean Oil Rain Water Other Natural Ingredients Dr. Bessette carries many other natural products on her site, soaps and skin care, as well as aromatherapy.  Quote from Dr. Bessette: " We make exceptional handmade soaps absolutely free from artificial anything. We only use essential oils for fragrance, and color our products with natural clays or food purees." Take a moment to visit Dr. Bessette Naturals and look around.  Thanks for  visiting today, where neighbors share!

The Sage Owl Grate Grill Scraper

Hey neighbors!! Check out this Grate Grill Scraper from The Sage Owl .  This one is brass and has several different notches for a wide variety of grills.  Along with the Grate Grill Scraper we received the long handle to make cleaning the grill just a little bit easier.  This would make a good stocking stuffer for hubby or dad. Benefits of The Grate Grill Scraper: Universal Design Safer than Typical Wire Brushes Compatible with Round, V-shaped and Square Grates Durable Brass Construction Small Size Lets You Take it Anywhere Includes Hanging Hook and Chain Includes Bottle Opener and Griddle Scraper You can purchase the Grate Grill Scraper and Handle on Amazon - HERE . Thanks for stopping by today, where neighbors share!!

POLISHED By Dr. Lancer - Think Husband or Dad

Hey Neighbors!! Here is a gift for the man in your life, POLISHED By Dr. Lancer .  It is a skin care regimen for designed to specifically work on men's skin.  This is not a women's skincare system being marketed for men. We have the POLISHED Starter Kit  ($48), which is perfect for travel or to toss in a gym bag.  It includes: Daily Micro-Scrub Dual Cleanse and Shave Oil Free Moisturizer SPF 30 Daily Lip Care SPF 15 The Daily Micro-Scrub is a scrub that exfoliates the skin.  It will remove dead cells and other debris from the skin's surface leaving it feeling smooth and clean. Dual Cleanse and Shave is exactly what the name states.  It cleans the face removing dirt and oil and can be used for a nice shave. Oil Free Moisturizer is a light moisturizer, that will also protect your skin from the suns rays. Daily Lip Care is a conditioning lip balm. From POLISHED By Dr. Lancer: This is a dermatologist-developed, tested and approved daily regimen that ta

Mollie Ollie Mimmo Caddy - Organizational Gift

Hey neighbors!! I LOVE the Mimmo Caddy (29.97) from Mollie Ollie .  It is a perfect changing station for babies, a travel organizer for baby's supplies, an art tote, cosmetic organizer, or a tote for whatever you might want to organize.  I wish every one of you could actually touch this tote and see how well made it is. The Mimmo is made of a  5mm heavy duty quality felt material.  It has two dividers for the large compartment that can be moved around to where you need them.  Need it just divided in two, just use one of the dividers.  There are pockets around the outside of the tote for extra storage, as well as a zippered pocket on one end, that has loops inside to help organize your belongings.  It has two handles to make it easy to tote it wherever you need it. Know an expectant mom?  Create a holiday basket for the newborn.  Grab a Mimmo Caddy, put in diapers, wipes, lotions or creams, powder, a pacifier, a thermometer, nail clippers, baby brush....  Know someo

Nomader Packable Hydration - Stocking Stuffer

Hi Neighbors!! Looking for a unique but practical gift for the holidays?  Well, we found it! The Nomader Collapsible Water Bottle is handy for those looking to stay hydrated in any scenario; be it the businessman who is running from appointment to appointment, the weekend hiker, the busy housewife or for those that travel often.   The Nomader has many plusses other than being collapsible, but being collapsible alone makes this a great product.    In addition this is eco-friendly and made of shatterproof silicone, so while helping the environment you can enjoy the use of your Nomader with no worries about it breaking and did I mention, it is completely leakproof as well.  Throw in the fact that unlike some water bottles, the Nomader is very easy to clean and also is freezable and heat safe.   Friends, there is no question about it.  The Nomader has benefit after benefit.  Have you ever struggled with getting hydrated because the ice in the water bottle blocks the

Interview With Antonio Cayonne | Christmas In Evergreen: Tidings Of Joy

  Mercy: Can you share a little bit about yourself? Antonio: Hey Mercy! First off thank you for hosting this interview with me. I love the support and excitement that surrounds the Hallmark community and it's really amazing to be a part of it.  So, a bit about myself. I'm living in Vancouver but am originally from Toronto. I've been acting for years, having graduated from theatre school in 2005. Spent most of my time in Toronto doing theatre and running my non-profit organization Project: Humanity, which focused on the intersection between arts and social causes, but moved out west to work more in film/tv. I live here with my wife and son, and am part of a great collective that owns and runs restaurants in addition to working as an actor. Our first spot is  The Mackenzie Room  ( )  and we are set to open our second in January of 2020. Coincidentally, it's called  Say Mercy!  So, you'll have to come visit :) Mercy: What started your interest

Interview With Carlo Marks | Angel Falls: A Novel Holiday

  Mercy:  Could you share a little bit about yourself? What started your interest in acting? Carlo:  Well, growing up, my parents ran a community theater in a pretty small town on the west coast of Vancouver Island. They immigrated from America and started a community theater so I kind of grew up in the midst of all that so it was always in my conscience-ness, that show business thing. I never thought you could actually make a living off of it or anything, but it was a lot of fun and a great way to develop and be a part of community. Mercy:  What is your favorite role or character that you've played and why? Carlo:  I'm going to give that cliche answer that I think it's still to come.  Playing David Peck has been one I really enjoyed. I've gotten to do it so often over the years so that's been nice to come home to that one but I think my favorite role is still to come. Mercy:  One of my family's favorite TV shows is Chesapeake Shores! How are you most like and u

Banana Phone - Stocking Stuffer, White Elephant...

Hi Neighbors!! This is such a unique idea!!  It brings back memories of things like Get Smart!  We have a Banana Phone !! ($39.99)  It is Bluetooth enabled, so you can use it with your cell phone!! This would make a great stocking stuffer or What Elephant gift!!  You can answer and make calls, people will look at you like you are bananas!!  You can also use the Banana Phone as a speaker to play music. It has a 60 ft. Bluetooth range and can last up to 120 hours idle or 20 hours talk time.  You can recharge your Banana Phone with the included USB cable.  The Banana Phone works with Voice Assistant (Siri/Ok Google) to make outbound calls. Banana Phone is not only a really neat gift idea and conversation starter (literally as a phone), but they are part of 1% For The Planet.  Instead of 1%, they donate 2% of all sales to the Gorilla Conservation in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.  So by purchasing a Banana Phone as a gift, you are also donating to help save gorillas

Milk + Sass Has Perfect Stocking Stuffers!

Hey neighbors!! Some of you may remember a previous review we did of Milk + Sass products!  They have the Macaron Brush that my daughter loves!!  This year we are sharing the Macaron Brush, Sugar Twists and Milk for Hair.  They also gave me a heads up that they will be having a few other new products soon.  I am looking forward to seeing what they release!! So, first things first.  The Macaron Brush quickly became my daughters favorite hairbrush.  She is 19 and has pretty long hair that often gets knotted.  The Macaron Brush helps with this problem.  She uses it on both dry and wet hair and it works!!  She also likes that there is a lid to protect the bristles, with a small compact mirror inside.  There is one thing we know that it does not protect from, and that is when your new puppy finds it and decides it is a chew toy.  So, she really wanted a new one. Next are the Sugar Twists .  These also come highly recommended by my daughter.  She is constantly pulling her

ToiletTree Gifts for the Holidays!

Hi neighbors, Check out these gift ideas from ToiletTree . ToiletTree has many unique products for the bathroom and home. They are a family owned business begun Rockland County New York. They now have an office on each coast with warehouses scattered across the country. One of the gift ideas you will find on the ToiletTree website is the Face Brush Skin Cleansing System . ($44.95)  This cleansing tool is to help you take care of your skin by polishing away dull, dead skin and exfoliating those impurities that seem to stay behind using regular face cleansing techniques. This handy, waterproof tool comes with two face brushes (one soft and one medium), one pumice stone and a body brush.  It runs on 4 AA batteries. It  available in 6 colors. Good idea for a gift or stocking stuffer! The other item is for grooming for men. It is a Nose Hair Trimmer ($19.95). Now, I cut my husband's hair and he often asks me to trim hair in his ears or nose. I do not really feel comfort