Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Time to Plan That Motorcycle Trip You’ve Always Wanted

Riding your motorcycle through the open countryside or twisting mountain roads is a relaxing and thrilling way to spend your vacation time. There is something special about packing everything you need on the back of your bike, throwing on that leather jacket, and taking to the road. The freedom and adventure of your trip will stick with you for a long time, right up until you get the itch to do it again. But before you grab your boots and helmet, have a solid plan in place to make sure everything on your trip goes smoothly.  

Plan for the Miles 

As exciting as it may seem to just jump on your ride and go, you may end up in some unpleasant or dangerous situations. A little planning will go a long way here. Plan your route carefully, try to avoid large interstates where congested traffic will cause your trip to go from enjoyable to frustrating. Setting daily stopping points will let you plot how many miles you want to travel and will let you use the scenic routes to get there. 
Another important part of planning is to make sure your bike is freshly tuned up and your equipment ready to go. Having a tune-up before you leave will ensure you will make it through your trip safely and without any breakdowns. Make sure you know where all your gear is, from your prescription motorcycle sunglasses to the weather-ready covers for yourself and your bike.  

Stay Safe on the Road 

Motorcycle safety isn’t just about wearing a helmet and keeping an eye out for inattentive drivers. You need to pay attention to your body just as much as the road when you are on a longer trip. Take breaks to stretch every few hours or plan out scenic areas to stop to have a reason to walk around.  
Staying hydrated is another important safety tip. Riders who are dehydrated will not be as attentive to the road and are more likely to have accidents.  It is also important to protect your skin as you ride, not just from sunburn, but from the wind as well. Long-distance treks can leave your skin red, dry, and cracking with can cause serious pain in your hands and face. Wear protective gear such as gloves and a face shield or cloth cover to keep your skin healthy. 
With a minimal amount of planning, your motorcycle getaway can be a life-long memorable adventure. Take the time to take care of your route, your bike, and your health and just enjoy the ride. 

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