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Simply Earth Subscription Box A Holiday Gift Idea

Hey neighbors!!

I guess I am what you would call a dabbler in essential oils.  I use them for many things, but am not yet what I consider an oil fanatic.  For example, on our recent trip to Pigeon Forge we stayed in a beautiful cabin.  While there, I was bitten three times, all overnight and we never saw what actually bit me.  Needless to say all three spots quickly became swollen, quite red in the center, itchy and felt warm to the touch.  We had our tea tree oil with us which I immediately began applying. The itch quickly went away. It took about 24 hours for the swelling to go down and a little longer for the bites to completely disappear.  We are assuming they were spider bites, but as I said we never saw any spiders.  So, I do use essential oils and diffuse them around the home.  That said, I was super, excited to receive the October Simply Earth recipe box with the Bonus Box.

The box arrived while we were out of town, so after getting home and settled back in to routine, my daughter and I sat down to work on the Simply Earth essential oil projects.  I was amazed at all that was in the box!! We received 4 different essential oils, one was a blend.
3-Balsam Fir
4-Focus - a mixture of Cardamon, Frankincense, Eucalyptus, and Sweet Orange

Also in the essential oil recipe box were two lip balm containers, two candle wicks, Beeswax and Soy wax.  The extra Bonus Box contained: Coconut Oil, Almond Oil, Fractionated Coconut Oil, 6 roll-on bottles and 6 5ml bottles.

To complete the projects, I picked up 1 pair of socks, a bag of rice and 2 glass jars.  Then we began....

The first project we completed were the DIY Aromatherapy Rice Bags.  My daughter and I love these.  They were very easy to complete and if you watch the video clips below you will see what we did. They smell so good, and since I occasionally have neck pain and lower back pain and these are the perfect size to use.

Next we created a Fall Diffuser Blend.  I LOVE fall scents!!  This basically required adding the ingredients to a 5ml bottle for future use.  This has the Focus Essential Oil Blend, Orange Essential Oil, Cassia Essential Oil and the Balsam Fir Essential Oil.  To use directly in your diffuser just add one drop of each oil.  For the mixture for later use, you add 25 drops of each oil to your bottle, then just place 1-3 drops in your diffuser.  This project was quick and easy to accomplish.

A Joint Pain Roll On was the next essential oil project we tackled.  For this one we added 2 drops of the Orange Essential Oil, 3 drops of the Balsam Fir, and 1 drop of the Cassia.  We swirled it lightly to mix the oils and then added Almond Oil to basically fill the 10ml bottle.  Pop in the roll on piece and you are ready to go.

We took a break and made the Focus Lip Balm the next day.  For this we needed I Tbsp Beeswax, 1/2 Tbsp Coconut Oil (solid), 1 Tsp Almond Oil, 10 drops Focus Essential Oil Blend and two lip balm containers.  I do want to say I managed to get some of this only hands and they were so soft after wiping the excess off.

The last things we made were two Essential Oil Candles.  The first was a Cassia and Orange Candle, the second was a Cassia and Balsam Fir Candle.  We had to heat the waxes and coconut oil in a double boiler.  I simply used a soup can in a pot of water on the stove.  It worked perfectly.  And we love the candles so much, we have them lit right now while I am writing this.

A little bit here about the oils Simply Earth sent us.

Cassia is related to Cinnamon, which you can easily tell with one quick sniff. It reduces nausea, supports menstruation, nourishes hair and skin, repels insects and is great at killing germs.

Sweet Orange is obviously a citrus scent. It is said to boost creativity, be useful in pain relief and is supposed to be in skincare.

Balsam Fir is also good for pain relief and arthritis. Smells good too!

Focus Blend which is a blend of Cardamon, Frankincense, Eucalyptus, and Sweet Orange.  This is designed to help you focus and get more work done.

I LOVE this box!! As I said above I am a dabbler, but the was so much fun and I know that natural is so much better than chemical for our homes, our families, our pets, and our environment.  I loved learning more about each of these oils and what they can be used for.  I wish you could have smelled my dining room last night!!

The great news is, I am now an affiliate for Simply Earth.  If you decide to sign up for their Essential Oil Recipe Boxes, please use my link: HERE  Also if you sign up using my special code, you will receive a $40 gift card with your initial purchase to be used on a future purchase. Just use : ATTHEFENCEFREE

Please take time to visit the Simply Earth website and follow them on their social media.
Facebook: HERE
Youtube: HERE
Pinterest: HERE
Instagram: HERE

Thank you for stopping by today, where neighbors share!! See you soon!!


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