Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Readers.com Reading Glasses

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I go in each year for an eye exam since I have been diagnosed with diabetes.  I need reading glasses, but the Dr. thinks it is age more than diabetes, which is great.  The only reason he prescribed a pair was because there was very slight difference in my eyes.  He said it is so slight that I can actually just wear regular reading glasses.  So with that in mind Readers.com has some really nice glasses.

I received two pair.  The Wilcox Multifocal Computer Reader and the Lambert Photochromic Reader arrived and I was able to try them both out.  It took a little adjustment to get used to the Wilcox, because it actually has three different focal areas. The glasses are actually strongest looking through the bottom of the glasses for reading.  The center is an in between in strength, for things a little further away, and the top has the least strength, so you can look at distances or for walking around.  They are actually pretty handy when working at my desk with photography screen above my laptop.  I don't have to keep taking my glasses off, I can just adjust where I am looking through the lens.

The Lambert Photochromic are good for trips.  These glasses adjust when exposed to UV rays.  They are clear inside, but darken outside.  This is great for me when I am reading in the vehicle on trips.

Readers.com glasses are reasonably priced and there are often discounts available.  Be sure to check for any discount codes before ordering.

They give you several options for choosing glasses.  They have options of male/female, lens type, frame shape, face shape, frame size, color, etc.  They do have a customizable option where you can have a two different lens powers.  They do carry accessories for glasses as well.

If you are in the market for new reading glasses, take a moment to check Readers.com.  You might find what you need right there.

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