Friday, October 11, 2019

Mobile Dog Gear at Pigeon Forge

Hi Neighbors!!

We LOVE our Mobile Dog Gear!! We were able to pack everything we needed in the Ultimate Week Away Duffle and the Dine Away Food Set.  I packed the bags the day before and had them ready to throw in the back of the vehicle.  They were right beside the dog crates, so at stops it was easy to pull out food or treats, along with of course the doggy clean up bags.  The leashes were in a zippered pocket, so we could keep track of them.  We even put the shot records in the netted pocket inside the top of the Duffle.  Before we get started I want to mention that you have seen me mention Overland Dog Gear recently, but after I received my gear, while we were on our trip they changed to Mobile Dog Gear.  Still same quality products, just a new name.

When we pulled in to the cabin, we simply transferred the duffle to our bedroom in the cabin, the girls each grabbed a Lined Carrier full of dog food and took it to their rooms and we were all set up.  We even used the Collapsible Bowls and the Non-slip Placemat.  The Collapsible Silicone Food Scoop made it easy to measure out food for each of the dogs.  (We had all five of our dogs with us, as well as 3 puppies!)

The two pups below were almost 8weeks old.

 This little guy was one week old.

 As mentioned above while we were on our trip, Overland Dog Gear changed it's name to Mobile Dog Gear, so all their logos now say Mobile Dog Gear.  I am going to have to get some new gear!  We might have to try the Day Away Tote Bag for quick trips to the park.  The Day Away Tote Bag comes in a pretty pink.  For the guys out there, it is available in black.

If you don't often travel with your pet, they also have a Day/Night Walking Bag that looks handy.  Be sure to visit the Mobile Dog Gear website and follow them on their social media.  We do!!!
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