Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Lugz Women's Dot.Com 2.0 Oxford Sneakers

Hi Neighbors!!

Well, I started out my trip to Pigeon Forge with my new Lugz Women's Dot.Com 2.0 Oxford Sneakers.  They are extremely comfortable for everyday wear and they definitely got a lot of use the first day out.  Not only did we have to walk the dogs often, but we had car trouble and were stuck for 4 hours while the car was being repaired.  So of course we wandered quite a bit while waiting for the repairs to be done.  Yes, on a Saturday we found a shop that was open and had the necessary part.

Walking the dogs on a travel break.

Of course the Lugz were worn at our cabin and as we went out to NQC 2019, the mountains and just roaming Pigeon Forge TN.  My daughter even borrowed them one day for walking a trail in the Smoky Mountains with her sisters.

Hiking a trail in the Smoky Mountains.

I wore the Lugz while we wandered around the Old Mill in Pigeon Forge.

Pausing by the Old Mill in Pigeon Forge.

Check out the pics below to see the style and design of the Lugz Women's Dot.Com 2.0 Oxford Sneaker.

I want to share a few other places these Lugz were seen!

Strolling through Pigeon Forge.

Putting my feet up and relaxing in Pigeon Forge.

Lugz, seen at Smoky Mountain Knifeworks.

They stayed near the door in our cabin, so they were easy to grab on the way out!!

Near the cabin door, ready to wear.

The Lugz were perfect for our family vacation to Pigeon Forge.  I wore them both in the Smoky Mountains and while strolling through Pigeon Forge.  They are sturdy without losing the comfortable feel.  I highly recommend these Lugz Dot.Com 2.0, and for those who don't like pink, they are available in other colors.

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Thanks for stopping by today, where neighbors share!! See you soon!!


Trendy Cyndie said...

I love Lugz, they are so comfy

Gladys Parker said...

I love these Lugz Women's Dot.Com 2.0 Oxford Sneakers. The style is great, the design is awesome and look at that tread (is it called tread?) I want a pair.