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Interview With Daniel Furlong

 Mercy: Can you share a little bit about yourself. 

Daniel: I am a 21 year old singer songwriter from Wexford, Ireland. I started singing at the age of seven when I joined a local choir. Since then, I've never looked back and music has always been the central theme of my life. I started to learn how to play the guitar when I was twelve. I did this because I knew that when my voice would break, I wouldn't be able to sing for a couple of years. It turned out to be the best decision ever! Once I reached a good standard on guitar I then started to write my own music. In the last year I have started to record my music in the studio and have been releasing songs on Spotify etc. The studio feels like my second home at this stage and that's not going to change anytime soon. I just love creating music!   

Mercy: What started your interest in music?
Daniel: My brother joined a local choir and when I was old enough, I then followed suit. I had never sang before that but I think I had a bit of natural ability as music is in the family. My grandad was a fantastic singer in his day. 

Mercy: What is one of your favorite memories from being on the road with Celtic Thunder?
Daniel: A couple of memories come to mind. I absolutely loved the few days that my brother and sister came over to see me and we went to Disneyworld and Universal. Also just learning so much from so many experienced people was great. I was like a sponge! 

Mercy: What is one of your favorite songs to sing? What makes it so special? 
Daniel: Out of my own songs I would have to say my new single 'Safe'. That song means a lot to me. If I was to pick a song that isn't mine, I would probably go with 'The Boxer' by the infamous Simon and Garfunkel. I am loving their music lately. I could listen to their harmonies all day. 

Mercy: What is one of your favorite places that you’ve visited? 
Daniel: Lake Bled - Slovenia. I went travelling across Europe with my mates a couple of years ago. It is without doubt, the most beautiful place on the planet. Words can't even describe it. 

Mercy: What is one thing most people don’t know about you? 
Daniel: I am currently in my final year studying a Marketing Degree in Dublin City University. Trying to balance music and college is quite challenging at the moment, but it will all be over in May. I can't wait to solely focus on music after. 

Mercy: Can you share a little bit about your single “Safe” that is releasing soon? (Note: Safe officially released last night)
Daniel: I can not wait to release this track! My inspiration for 'Safe' was a desire to combat that feeling of being alone and struggling in a dark place. I think most people can relate to a time when they needed a helping hand and I wanted to write a song that could empower people to reach out, open up and fight their way back. 

Mercy: What is the most rewarding thing about singing/making music? 
Daniel: The most rewarding thing for me about making music is just the way a simple idea can turn into a whole song. I enjoy the process of the humble beginnings of starting on a new song. Coming up with the idea, developing the melody/lyrics, recording it and making a demo, bringing the demo to my producer, and then bringing the track to life in the studio. Studio days are long but there is no better feeling driving home after a really productive day. 

Mercy: What do you like to do in your free time? Any hobbies? 
Daniel: I love watching my favourite football team, Arsenal. I have been an avid fan since the age of five. I used to play an abundance of sports when I was a kid but I just don't have the time for them anymore! I still keep my physical health in check though by going to the gym. I have a dog and a cat and I literally can not imagine life without them. I love coming home from college at the weekends to see them haha! I also spend a lot of my weekend gigging with my brother, Thomas. We have quite a unique sound and and the gig's are always a good bit of craic!

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