Monday, August 12, 2019

Kosher Casual Modest Fashion Review and #Giveaway

Modesty and fashion are often seen as being at odds with one another. Many people think dressing modestly means you can't be stylish and vice versa. Our family has always held modesty as being of the utmost importance, and we love finding companies that offer modest options that are cute and feminine as well. One such company that we discovered years ago is Kosher Casual, and they have become one of our favorites for skirts that are feminine, beautiful, and stylish without sacrificing the modesty we desire!

I recently received the Long Flowing Skirt for review, and this quickly became one of my go-to wardrobe pieces. This skirt can literally be worn for any and every occasion! I'm not actually sure what my favorite aspect of the skirt is...the pockets, the versatility, the a-line style, the fabric, or the fact that you can toss it in the washing machine/dryer and it comes out wrinkle free and ready to wear! Seriously, this skirt will become your go-to for everyday wear, running errands, church, and anything in between. I also love that it is available in so many colors. I chose black because that's what I wear the most, but you can choose from blue, purple, green, and many other colors.

This skirt is by far my favorite maxi-style skirt ever. There are so many features that I love. The waistband is an actual elastic waistband, not just a fold-over like most maxi skirts (which I'm always afraid aren't as snug and secure as I'd prefer). It has pockets-yes, pockets! Perfect to hold cash, cards, my mini wallet, gum, etc. The material is slightly heavier weight than other maxi skirts. It's not so heavy it's hot or uncomfortable in summer weather, but it's heavy enough that the skirt is not see-through (another of my pet peeves when it comes to maxi skirts). This skirt also has an actual shape/drape that compliments your body - obviously without being too form-fitting - rather than the standard boxy, shapeless pieces of material that passes for a skirt nowadays. This skirt is perfect for any occasion, be it everyday wear around the house, running errands, or even church! Obviously this style of skirt pairs well with a t-shirt and sandals, but I wore mine for church yesterday with a dressy top and dress sandals, and it was the perfect summer outfit for church!

I highly recommend you check out Kosher Casual's line of stylish modest clothing. They have incredible denim skirts that I love, as well as dresses, tops, and accessories.

Kosher Casual is giving a Long Flowing Skirt to one of our readers!!

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