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Interview With Clayton Chitty | Moments With Mercy

 Today at long last, I have the pleasure of sharing with y'all the interview that I did with Clayton Chitty.  I was so thrilled when Clayton agreed to an interview and I'm sure you all are just as excited to learn more about him as I was. So let's begin!

Mercy: Can you share a little bit about yourself? 
Clayton: Well, I grew up in a place just outside of Vancouver right below a great mountain called Mount Seymour. It provided my love for snowboarding and mountain biking. I played hockey as a goalie growing up. I was raised by single mom as an only child. She was and is the most amazing person in my life. I owe her a great deal of gratitude for everything she sacrificed for me. Small family which I’m very close with. 

Mercy: What inspired you to start acting and how long have you been an actor? 
Clayton: I kind of unintentionally fell into it. My cousin's stepmom had a friend who was a talent agent and suggested I meet with him to try out for some commercials. I was 21 at the time and I believe I had, not too long before, tried my hand at some background work. So I took a meeting and decided to give it a try. It was terrifying and so I took a commercial workshop class. An acting teacher named Andrew Mcilroy waltzed into the class and his personality was so intriguing, I said that I wanted to take his class.  That was roughly 12 years ago. But I really have been a working actor for 9-10.   

Mercy: What can you tell us about your character in The Last Bridesmaid? 
Clayton:  My character in the Last Bridesmaid was a charming fellow by the name of Craig. Craig was Luice’s fiancé (played by Stephanie Bennet). She was best friends to Rachel Boston’s character Becca who was starting to find herself as the last on the list for finding true love.

Craig tries to set her up with the best man from his wedding but Becca may have another love interest set in her eyes.   

Mercy: What is your favorite Canadian meal?   
Clayton: My favorite Canadian meal. Jeez, is there really any Canadian-specific meals? If hamburgers are one, I’ll take that. But I am a real sucker for a good Caesar, the Canadian Bloody Mary!   

Mercy: What is one talent you have that most people don’t know about? 
Clayton: I am not sure it’s a talent. But I can wiggle my ears, eyes, nose, and forehead at the same time...     

 Mercy: What do you like to do when you’re not filming? 
Clayton:  A perfect day for me would be on my boat somewhere on the coast of BC tucked away eating fresh fish. But on a normal day, I am hitting the gym or starting projects around the cabin or home. I like to build and fix things!!! It’s great to get creative and have an idea, but bringing it to life is even better!     

Mercy: What was one of your favorite things about working on When Calls The Heart? 

Clayton: The cast and the crew are so amazing! It’s such a fun, warm show! Also fun to play a period piece and do a little dress up.

Mercy: Any other upcoming projects you can share about?   
Clayton: There’s a show called The Terror on AMC. I am beyond excited to see how it turns out. And although I had a smaller role, it was such an amazing production to be a part of!   

 Summer Question Time-

Mercy: What is your favorite thing about Summer? 
Clayton:  Oh, when I mentioned my boat. I am a boat nut! In the summer, I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else!   

Mercy: Do you stay indoors or outdoors more in the Summer? 
Clayton: 100% outdoors on the water. My cabin is my second favorite place, and it just so happens to be close to my boat. Two of the best places on earth for me!   

Mercy: What is your favorite ice cream flavor? 
Clayton: Oh, I haven’t ventured out too far with ice cream. I don’t have the biggest sweet tooth. But the Tonight Dough by Ben and Jerry .. or even just a good old cookie dough!     

Mercy: Favorite Summertime song? 
Clayton: Currently my favorite summer song is Anemone by Slenderbodies

Friends, Clayton is an extremely talented actor that I'm hoping we'll be seeing even more of on Hallmark Channel. Perhaps in a lead role, someday?  If you don't already, please give Clayton a follow on social media, I'll leave the links below.




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