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Interview With Charlotte Hegele ~ Moments With Mercy

 Many of you Hearties probably remember this, but last year I had the absolute pleasure of interviewing Charlotte Hegele on my blog. She is without a doubt one of my favorite actresses, and its always a joy to catch up with her.  We were able to talk about her being back on WCTH, this season's finale, and more!


Mercy: Getting started, what was/is your favorite thing about being back on WCTH?   
Charlotte: My favorite thing about being back on When Calls the Heart has to be seeing the wonderful cast and crew again. Everyone on this set is equally both kind and professional, and it's such a breeze for me as a performer to come back after being away for a bit. Additionally, I was so excited to see how each character’s storyline unfolded throughout Season 6. It seems like this was a season for growth for so many of Hope Valley’s residents.    

Mercy: Is there any other woman's role you'd like play in WCTH if not cast as Julie?   
Charlotte: All of them! They all are such fabulously written, multidimensional women that I couldn’t imagine picking just one. And each actress who has been cast in this series does her job so well. I’m very proud to be one of them.  

Mercy: What is your favorite thing about working with Hallmark?   
Charlotte: I know I said this earlier, but the kindness. I know that every time I walk on to a Hallmark set that people are going to be friendly, kind and respectful. And it might surprise you to know that wasn’t always the case on other projects I’ve worked on. So I really appreciate my time working with Hallmark. 

Mercy: Who is an actor or actress you'd like to work with?   
Charlotte: Out of every actor or actress who has ever existed? Oh my, that’s a tough question. I’d have to say Audrey Hepburn, Katherine Hepburn, or Greta Garbo! One of those classic leading ladies in Hollywood. That seemed like such an interesting time in film.  

Mercy: How do you prepare yourself for a role?  
Charlotte: So much preparation. I have that script in my hand from the moment I’m sent it to the moment I know the words verbatim. I break the script down and do scene analysis. But honestly when it comes to creating a character, that's where I think my artistry and creativity lies. I just feel it. I don’t try to over prepare the character’s energy or essence. Learn the words and the beats, and let the character take over from there.    

Mercy: Without any spoilers is there anything you can share with us about the upcoming episode of When Calls The Heart?  
Charlotte: Well I get to hold one of the world’s most adorable babies in this week’s episode. But other than that my lips are sealed. I know Hearties are going to love it!

Readers, if you read my interview with Charlotte last year you know how much I adore this talented lady.  She outdoes herself with each character she portrays, and I'm always looking forward to the next thing she'll be in.
If you don't already, please click through the links below and follow Charlotte's social media accounts to keep up with her work.



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