Saturday, May 11, 2019

Sinking In Debt - Can August Funding Help

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Are you in debt?  Having trouble paying bills or getting your finances under control?  Maybe this post can help.

Admit It
The first thing you need to do to get out of debt, is to realize you are in debt.  Too often we try to fool ourselves and think we are just a little behind.  To think we just need one more pay day and we will get caught up.  Sometimes this is true, many times we are just trying to convince ourselves that we really aren't in trouble.  Our finances are not that bad.

Take Stock
Once you realize you are in debt and have a financial struggle going on, the best thing you can do is sit down with pen and paper and write down every bill you have.  Record every payment that must be made. List them by priority.  Make sure you pay the most important bills first.  Once you have this completed, try to budget how you can pay off some of those debts.  Perhaps you could take a local course on finances.

Reach out to ever company you owe money to.  Explain your situation and try to make arrangements to pay a little less each month.  Perhaps they will work out where you can make a full payment, but lower it some just to get it paid off.  Remember some companies can and will work with you, while others will not.  Do not take it personally, they are just following the procedure set down by their companies.

Cut Nonessentials
While going over your finances try to cut out nonessentials.  Cut back on eating out.  Start packing lunches.  Perhaps spend less on soda and other treats.  I am not saying you can not enjoy a snack or have pizza once or twice a month, but cut back.  Do you have cable? Try cutting back on your service or even going without it for awhile.  Anywhere you can save a little do so.  See if there is an insurance company that charges less.  Do this with cell phone companies too.

Earn Extra Income
See if your company can give you a few more hours a week.  Try picking up a part time job on the side.  Try selling items in your home that you no longer need or use.  You can advertise online, have a garage sale, or find a local consignment shop.  Also set up a jar, coffee can or bank and deposit all your change in there every day.  I have been amazed how quickly that adds up.

Create a Budget
Write out a weekly or monthly budget.  Plan your meals, and only purchase what you need. Use coupons and shop for deals or sales.  Don't make impulsive purchases.  Stick by your budget as closely as possible.  By writing down what you spend each week, you might even find some other areas where you can cut corners.

Check Out a Company Like August Funding
If you find you just can not get your head above water, consider locating a debt consolidation company.  Do your research and go with someone reputable, but this may be just what you need to be able to afford the monthly payments to recover from debt.

As a last note, do not ever feel alone in this situation.  There are many reasons people can get in to debt.  The most important thing you can do is realize where you are at and start working on a solution.

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