Thursday, May 2, 2019

Pink Lemonade Reusable Cloth Pads - Made in the USA!

Hey neighbors!!

Hope you all are having a wonderful day today!  Today I am going to share with you about a company called Pink Lemonade.  They make Reusable Cloth Pads for every woman.  I received four different liners and want to share a little bit with you about them.  Don't worry, it will all be handled very discreetly.

First off the four I received are each just a little different.  One is a Terry cloth type material.  Two are made from a t-shirt type material, and the last one appears to be made of a cotton material.  They each have a difference in either color or design.  The Terry cloth is a teal color.  The t-shirt material has one with cats wearing glasses and the the other has calming type words like: hope, calm, meditate, peace, etc.  The cotton material liner has a floral design.

Now, the benefit to these pads is of course you use them over and over.  The other thing I really like, is they snap around the crotch of your underwear.  One snap that is sturdy.  This means no more finding out they became loose and moved all over.

I personally am at the stage where I need pantyliners almost daily.  I really tire of having to purchase them on a regular basis and dispose of them in a hygienic manner.  These liners allow me to snap them in place, once they have been worn I place them in a small lingerie laundry bag and then toss them in the wash.  So very convenient.

Now, I am sure there are some who think they could never wash reusable liners, but that is what they are designed for and I may be wrong, but I am sure most of you wash your underclothing, this is nothing different.  Simple, comfortable and easy to use.  And there is another benefit.  You can order these right on the Pink Lemonade website and have them delivered to your home.  I mean I am sure I am not the only one who hates to check out with a male cashier when purchasing feminine hygiene products.  I know my daughters do.

Pink Lemonade is being kind enough to sponsor a giveaway of a $25 Gift Certificate to their online shop.  Be sure to enter below, and to follow them on their social media.

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Chucosgirl said...

I have never used a reusable pad!

Teacherbug said...

I’ve never used a reusable pad.

Stephanie Grant said...

I have not ever used reusable pads but I’ve been dying to!

starzine said...

No, I haven't