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Versa Chalk Markers and Magnetic Chalkboard

Hey neighbors!!

Versa Chalk has some really great Mother's Day gift ideas.  I love their Rustic Magnetic Kickstand Chalkboard.  I received the chalkboard and their 10 pack of Classic Colors Liquid Chalk Markers.  This is perfect for a countertop in the kitchen or perhaps on a sideboard in the dining room.  You can use it for grocery lists, menus, or even a verse for the day.

I did a little Mother's Day doodle on the chalkboard.  It is so easy to write or design with the liquid chalk markers.  The first time you use them, you need to press down a few times to get the liquid chalk to the end of the marker.  After that it is quite simple to draw or write.

Versa Chalk has several other boards available, as well as many different color chalk markers.  They have neon, classic, white and metallic.  The board is also magnetic, if you prefer to put magnets on it instead of or with using it as a chalkboard.

Find Versa Chalk on their social media:
Facebook - HERE
Instagram - HERE

Be sure to enter the giveaway!  Versa Chalk is giving one neighbors their own Rustic Magnetic Chalkboard and Liquid Chalk Markers!!  Thank you for stopping in!!  See you soon!!

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Teacherbug said…
Such a cute set! I’d love to win it to be able to gift it to my secret prayer pal.
momtothree said…
I would love these markers.
Unknown said…
I like the look of this board and see many uses for it, including for educational purposes for a toddler or older child.
Leela said…
For dinner announcements, chores and fun messages.
I would like to win so I could use it for a running grocery list.
katy said…
I would use this to remind myself of appointments or errands I need to run.
kellyr78 said…
I would like this for school work and drawings.
Kim Avery said…
I love the look of it and it would make a great gift for my daughter in law so she can write cute notes to her husband 😊
Tina W said…
My Dad has been housebound for the past 5 months after having his second leg amputated. I think this could be a cute way to post inspirational phrases and for visitors to leave notes that would remind him how much he is loved. (I take care of him full time, and while I think I am doing a good job, I know he needs more than just my smiling face some days)
Heather Dawn said…
I would love to use it for monthly baby pictures . I am due next week, so this would be perfect 😀
Vikki Billings said…
I would love it for the kitchen so I can put stuff I need to get on it, so I do not forget.
Kayla klontz said…
I would love this for my home/
These would be great for leaving messages to my family.
hamjenny said…
This would be great to leave messages for family members or put reminders on. I love it.
Christin said…
I would love to win this to keep in our kitchen to write notes back and forth between our family ❤️
starzine said…
Menu notes for meals.
Id like to win this, it'd be nice to have to jot down daily reminders of things needed done and groceries as I run out.

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