Thursday, April 18, 2019

Macy's and The North Face!

Hey neighbors!!

How many of you like a good buy?  I know I do!  I found out quite a few years ago, it is better to spend a little more on a quality product, rather than paying less and having to keep replacing the item.    So, with that in mind, Macy's is running a special sale on The North Face.

You can:
Get 25% Off Select The North Face StylesRestrictions may apply. Valid through 4/22/19.

I went to the Macy's website to see what they have available.  I found this North Face Waterproof Rain Jacket for women!!  It is perfect with spring in the air for starting up my walking program.  It comes in several different colors.  Check it out!!  I think I like the teal best.

Then I would of course add the Women's Hedgehop Fastpack Waterproof Boots. In the matching teal color of course!!

I will be prepared for all the spring showers and look great too!!

Be sure to take time to see what other North Face items Macy's has to offer during this special sale!! And, Macy's will be having specials all month long!!

Thanks for stopping by today!!

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