Monday, March 18, 2019

The Pilgrim's Progress | Official Trailer (2019)

Hey neighbors!!

My family LOVES Pilgrims Progress.  I actually have several older copies of the book.  We have seen all the previous movies, so I was pretty excited about this new release.  It will only be in theaters 2 days, Thursday April 18th and Saturday April 20th.

Now, I have to say here I was wondering if I would be disappointed.....but, I wasn't!  I will tell you more later.  Take a moment to view the trailer and then please enter the giveaway for a Digital Interactive Storybook.  (An interactive digital adaptation of The Pilgrim's Progress $20 value) I will choose 3 winners!!

Watch the trailer - Enter the Giveaway- Purchase your tickets!

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Chucosgirl said...

I have never read this!

ARWmamaoffive said...

This looks so good! I love the story of Pilgrim's Progress, and how it can be applied to everyone, no matter the age! Some of my kids have read portions of it (or condensed versions) in school, and I know would enjoy it as well .

Princess Seronica said...

I haven't read Pigrim's Progress

sam m said...

I wished i lived closer to go to bible study.