Saturday, March 9, 2019

Responsibilities of Owning a Horse

Every little girl dreams of one day owning a horse.  I know I did.  I pictured my self sharing a close bond with this special horse that could do amazing acts like Roy Roger's Trigger or the Lone Ranger's Silver.  I watched all those old westerns and couldn't wait to have a horse of my own.

I read every horse book I could get my hands on.  I read both fiction and non-fiction.  I owned all the Black Stallion books.  Misty of Chincoteague was a favorite and I finally got to is it that island as an adult.  

Finally the day came when I was allowed to own my own horse.  Well, she was actually a pony, but that is just a minor point.  We brought her home and I spent all day with her.  We lived in a small community on 5 acres.  We had limestone roads, and back then I could wander for hours by myself and with other friends on horseback.  There were some sand dunes nearby and we loved to take the horses out there.

I did learn that a lot of work comes with owning a horse.  I mean you have to groom your horse regularly, brushing them and combing out their mane and tail.  Occasionally they need a bath.  Their hooves need to be checked regularly and you should know how to use a hoof pick for cleaning their hooves.  Unless you are a blacksmith you need to have one come out and trim their hooves.  Mine did not wear shoes, because we were not on a lot of hard surfaces.  Then you have to clean their stalls.  And of course they must be fed and watered daily.  We had a huge barrel for water that needed to be emptied and scrubbed on a regular basis.  

You also may need horse insurance.  If you intend to compete in horse shows, jumping, gymkhanas and the like, there is always the possibility of an injury.  Of course just owning a horse period comes with the chance of needed to call a vet for an illness or injury.  Often times these visits are not inexpensive, so having insurance in place will help.

We actually moved twice with my pony.  Once from Florida to Pennsylvania, where I had to board her, and then another time we moved back to Florida.  Eventually I outgrew Tammy and I found her a good home with a family with some little girls who also had a dream of owning a horse one day.  

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