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Pet Weighter Bowls!

Hey neighbors!!

Check out these GREAT bowls! The Pet Weighter Bowl has solved some problems in my home.  We have Toy Aussies, which are extremely active, and they love to push, pull, drag, and mess with anything they can.  So, we are constantly having bowls of water or food tipped over.  Or they disappear and we have to hunt them down.  That can't happen with the Pet Weighter system.

The base has a removable cap, that allows you to fill the base with water, sand, ice, or even a mixture of the three.  After filling the base, replace the cap and put the removable bowl back on.  The bowl is now much harder for a dog to move.  It also elevates the bowl which many say is better for the dog's digestion.  You can see in the picture above where the bowl locks on to the base.  Be sure to not lift from these indentions.  There are two places to lift near the bottom of the base.  The bowl is smooth inside without grooves, so they are easy to clean and keep clean.  The bowl is made from food grade, high strength plastic, while the base is made from a crack resistant plastic. The bowl can be placed in the top rack of a dishwasher.  Also do not allow water to freeze in the base and it is best to keep it out of direct sunlight.  Yes, I took mine outside for pictures, but they are bowls I am using inside.

I am so happy now that I don't have to pickup dog food daily or mop up spilled water.  I also do not have to get down on my hands and knees and look for the bowls under shelves and tables.  These really work!  The Pet Weighter cuts out the bowl sliding when they are eating.  Buddy was the worst at this.

The base is a dark gray, but the bowls that attach come in 4 colors.  You can choose from Red, Blue, Pink and Hot Pink.  Also, should your bowl somehow become damaged, you can purchase just the replacement bowl.

Consider replacing your old pet bowls with the Pet Weighter!  You can find locations that sell Pet Weighter HERE. Or you can purchase on Amazon!

Pet Weighter is allowing us to giveaway one Pet Weighter.  This includes the base and the bowl.  Be sure to enter and share the giveaway with others!  Thanks for stopping by!

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momo said…
Our two goof ball cats are always sliding their water bowl around the kitchen floor. I am glad I came across this good giveaway.
windycindy said…
Hi, I would love this bowl for my Daisy Beagle!
Many thanks, Cindi
scottsgal said…
Our lab mix loves to splash and play in all water including her water bowl so I'm constantly cleaning up water spills.
Mrsov said…
I would love thos because we have a boxer who thinks it is hilarious to tip over his water bowl daily!!
sam m said…
Our kittens need a bowl that they cant flip over all the time. They are playful but messy.
Jeremy said…
My dog Rocky is always flipping over his bowl.
Heather Dawn said…
My puppy loves to dump out her remaining food and water when she is done, so she can play with the bowls. She tosses them and rolls them across the floor. This would be perfect for her!
hargygirl said…
I have two dogs and one of them is a Husky who is always moving her bowls and making a mess. I would love to have a bowl she can't move!
Anonymous said…
My cat is very messy and I think this would help reduce the mess.

Jennifer Marie
Ellen said…
I’d love to win it for my son who just got a German shephard puppy who loves to flip her bowls.
Kellie Conklin said…
We have 3 dogs who think it is fun to kick their dishes. This evicting definitely help solve that problem, especially for the second floor water dish! Great idea!
This would be great for my senior schnauzer who seems to like to move her bowl around the kitchen when eating.

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