Monday, March 11, 2019

Paw Patrol A Pawsome Collection

Hey neighbors!!

How many of you have a young child who loves Paw Patrol?  Then I have just recently seen a a set you will want to add to your collection!!  From Nickelodeon and Paramount comes this 3 DVD Paw Patrol Pawsome Collection.

The first DVD is Sports Day.   Watch the pups engage in different sports and competitions.  First off is a basketball game against some catty competitors.  Pup-Fu was interesting because some my family take Tae-Kwon-Do. I won't give the rest away, but there are 4 more exciting adventures n this DVD.
1. Pups Save a Basketball Game
2. Pup-Fu!
3. Pups Save the Mayor's Race
4. Pups Save a Snowboard Competition
5. Pups Save the Soccer Game
6. Air Pups

Second is Meet Everest. In this DVD you will meet the newest Paw Patrol member Everest, a snow pup!  See her in action as she races to the rescue in the 7 shows on this pup filled DVD. Love the adorable face.
1. The New Pup
2. Pups and the Big Freeze
3. Pups Save the Deer
4. Pups Make a Splash
5. Pups Save a School Day
6. Pups and the Trouble with Turtles7. Pups Save a Flying Frog

And the last DVD is Marshall and Chase on the Case.  This DVD has 8 fun-filled adventures. In the first adventure Alex goes too fast on his SuperTrike and the pups have to step up and help rescue him. Follow Marshall and Chase as they race to the rescue in:
1. Pups Pit Crew
2. Pups Fight Fire
3. Pups Save a Hoedown
4. Pups Save Alex
5. Pups Save a Monkey
6. Pups Save a Hoot
7. Pups and the Lighthouse Boogie
8. Pups Save Ryder

This DVD Collection was released February 5th and is already on the shelves at most department stores.  I saw the Paw Patrol Pawsome Collection in our local Walmart. Paw Patrol Pawsome Collection can also be found on Amazon.

My grandson is going to love watching this collection of Paw Patrol adventures.  He really loves watching Paw Patrol. This will give him something to do on his trip to see his aunt.

I personally like that a lesson is taught in the Paw Patrol adventures.  And this set includes 21 episodes. That is a lot of entertainment!!

One neighbor, US or Canada only, has the opportunity to win the Paw Patrol Pawsome Collection in this giveaway!! Hurry up and enter!!

I received this collection for review purposes only.  All thoughts and opinions offered are my own.

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Heather Dawn said...

My son's favorite is Chase!

Unknown said...

My grandsons watch paw patrol every chance they get.. Its paw patrol this or that and they toys and books and clothes... Paw Patrol they even want the beds.. So I know if Granny could win this.. She would be the best Granny ever.. Lol

Teacherbug said...

Chase, Marshall, and Rubble are favorites in this house!

Unknown said...

My son loves all of the pups, his favorite is rubble

Karley Moore said...

My grandson loves Marshall. We saw Paw Patrol Live this weekend and it was awesome!

hargygirl said...

My granddaughter's favorite is Sky :)

windycindy said...

My two grandsons, and granddaughter are all about Paw Patro! Chase is their favorite character; although they play with all of the characters...
Thanks, Cindi

Jen said...

My son loves rubble and zuma

Unknown said...

My daughter loves chase

Unknown said...

They like all the pups since they act out all the shows...

Wanda Flanagan said...

Chase Marshall and Rumble are our favorites

starzine said...

I would say Skye.

Scott W. said...

My great nieces and great nephews would Love this ! said...

My daughter really likes Paw patrol, she really likes Zuma

Nikki D. said...

One like Marshall and the other Rubble.

Chandlermom221 said...