Friday, February 8, 2019

Looking For Spring Giveaway Pt. 2!

Hey neighbors!!

We are still very cold here. 10 degrees today with a feels like in the negatives! So, today I am thinking would be a good day for baking. My daughter bakes some low carb peanut butter cookies. They are pretty good. We have even made them thumbprint cookies with low sugar jelly. 

So, today’s entry is comment below with your favorite cookie. It can be homemade, bakery or store bought. And I will share the recipe for the low carb peanut butter cookies in another post shortly.

Don't forget, the last post will be on the 20th.  Enjoy your day and thanks for stopping in!


scottsgal said...

love homemade chocolate chip cookies with a cold glass of milk

Michelle S. said...

cutout sugar cookes are my favorite

evie said...

i dont remember my mother every making cookies for us to eat after school. we were always going to after school events, piano, the barn, riding lessons. she cooked a lot but did not make cookies.

katy said...

I love frosted sugar cookies. My sister makes the best! I won't turn down a good peanut butter cookie, though.