Thursday, December 13, 2018

Zoom Tubes RC Car Trax Holiday Fun!!

Hey neighbors!!

Zoom Tubes RC Car Trax is one of those, As Seen On TV toys.  We saw these at ChiTAG too!!  The Zoom Tubes, which come with straight tubes, curved tubes and connectors, can be used to build different shaped tracks.  One of the tubes has a door in the side to put the car in and to take it out.

The "car" runs by remote control and goes both forwards and backwards.  Your vehicle charges with the provided USB cord, while the remote needs 2 AA batteries.  When fully charged, turn the car on and place it in the tube.  The car lights up as it zooms through the tubes, forward then backward.  One thing I like about the Zoom Tubes RC Car Trax set is that you can even use it with a small child around because the car is in the tubes.

The set includes:
12 Connectors, 8 Curved Tubes, 3 Speed Tubes, 1 Speed Tube with Door, USB Cord, and Zoom Racer with Remote Control. Requires 2 AA batteries (not included)

The car will even go up if the the trax is in an upward position.  Our dogs love it too!! They were a little hesitant, but were trying to get the car with their paws.

This is definitley a great holiday choice!! It is contained and really does not create a lot of noise.  A win win!!

You can purchase Zoom Tubes RC Car Trax on Amazon, as well as accessories and Trax expansion pack. You can also find Zoom Tubes on Facebook - HERE

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