Saturday, December 1, 2018

Time Slippers and The Holidays

Hey neighbors!!

Wait until you see these new slippers from Time Slippers!!  These are the most comfortable slippers I have ever worn.  I actually wore them out for a quick trip to the local store this morning and I never wear slippers outside!!!  These can be worn as street shoes too.  I received the black and white Women's Low-top Slippers. Thought about gifting these after review, but...I changed my mind. I will keep these for my feet!!!

The comfort comes from their design.  They have yoga mat insoles, total comfort!! The stretch laces, mean no bending over to tie, and yet they have enough give to slip on and feel comfortable.  The slipper itself is made of Italian leather.  Beautiful look!!  And I love the wool lining.  Kept my feet toasty today, even with the chill outside.  The outsoles are made from flexible rubber.  These have an elastic band at the back of the slipper, so they slip on and off with ease.

Anyone in your family or list of friends would love to receive these Time Slippers.  They have several different styles for both men and women.  The slippers come in Hi-top, Mid-top, and Low-top. Some are made of leather, but you can also get a suede finish or wool.  Be sure to visit their website and take a look around.  When you are done, take a minute to follow them on their social media as well.
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So glad you stopped by!  See you soon!!

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