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How to Tackle Your Dog's Fear of Loud Noises

How to Tackle Your Dog’s Fear of Loud Noises
This time of year, the air is filled with celebrations- literally. It won’t come as a big surprise to you to hear fireworks on New Years Eve in your neighbourhood but they may be terrifying for your furry friends. It’s common for dogs to be frightened of fireworks or other loud noises, but there are a few things you can do to help them feel at ease.


Create a Den
When loud noises go off nearby, dogs automatically try and find somewhere they feel safe. Creating a den for your dog will allow him to have a safe space to run to when he feels scared. Fill the space with blankets and favourite toys and spend some time stroking and playing with him to distract him. Some dogs may not want to be touched during this time, so try and encourage sleep instead. The den will create a feeling of security for your dog while the fireworks go off or loud noises are heard.

Play Music
Music can be just as soothing for dogs as it is for humans. Some dogs find classical music relaxing, while others prefer their owners choice of music because they’re used to hearing it. Turn up the volume so that the music drowns out the sound of the other noises and your dog may not notice what’s going on outside. Similarly, some dogs enjoy watching tv programmes. Try turning on the tv to a show you know your dog takes notice of. It’s a great distraction.


Plug-ins or Diffusers
You can get your hands on plug-ins or diffusers that release a gentle vapour into the air. These vapours are meant to have a relaxing effect on dogs when their behaviour becomes erratic. If you notice a change in your dog’s anxiety levels during loud noise, try a diffuser. It’s also worth turning on the air conditioning for noise, so it’s important to have 24 hour air conditioning repair on speed dial. A dog’s temperature can increase slightly when they’re anxious, so keeping them cool can go a long way towards calming them down.

Get in Some Training
Playing games and training sessions with your dog is another great way to distract him from the loud noises. If your dog responds well to treats and food, it could be the ideal way to take his mind off noises. Teach your dog how to perform new tricks or get him to repeat old ones. The mental stimulation is just as good as physical exercise for your dog, so he should be reasonably tired out once you’ve finished.


Take a Walk Beforehand
You won’t always be able to predict when loud noises are going to occur, but there are a few days in the year where it’s likely to happen. For instance, New Year’s Eve is usually a night where you’ll hear some fireworks. Take your dog for a long walk during the day so he’s suitably exhausted by the time evening rolls around and will be too tired to acknowledge the fireworks and give in to his fear.


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