Thursday, December 13, 2018

Give The Gift of Fresh Coffee #MountRepublic #CoffeeGifts #BestCoffee

How many coffee drinkers do we have on here? How about folks on your Christmas shopping list that drink coffee? Well, I have the perfect gift idea for you and them. Forget those prepackaged coffee gifts in your local department store...give the gift of fresh this Christmas! I was able to try out some coffee from Mount Republic Coffee recently and let me tell you, this is probably the freshest, best coffee I have ever tasted. No, I'm not just saying that because I have to write up a nice review-that is my honest opinion. Mount Republic does things a little differently by allowing customers to choose not only the coffee, but then the roast and grind preference (or whole bean) is completely customized to whatever you would like. I also love that they're a small US-based business (in Chicago actually, not too far from where I live).

I chose the Brazil Single-Origin Coffee with a medium roast and medium grind to try. I've tried a lot of coffees over the years, some good, some bad, and some really good. Hands down, however, this is the best I've ever brewed at home. Mount Republic's Brazilian coffee has a hint of an almost smoky flavor that really takes the coffee drinking experience up a notch. It's slightly on the dark side, and bold without that burnt or scorched flavor you get sometimes. I love how strong and rich the coffee flavor is! Even when I use it as a base for an iced caramel latte, it keeps that strong coffee taste. It's not overpowering, but it's definitely not disappearing into the syrups and cream to taste like just a glass of caramel-flavored milk (which has happened on many occasions with other coffee brands). The fresh quality of this coffee is amazing as well. Even getting the ground instead of whole bean, this tastes so much more fresh than the bags you'd normally buy at your grocery store or online. If you want the perfect coffee experience, I recommend reaching for a bag of Mount Republic Coffee! And if you want to gift the perfect coffee experience this holiday season, place an order online today - it's guaranteed to be a hit with any coffee lover!

Mount Republic offers many coffees, including decaf and single cup capsules. Be sure to check out their selection online and while you're there, you can also browse their coffee gear from mugs to t-shirts!

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