Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Ciao! Baby Chair

Hey neighbors!!

I love this ciao! baby chair!!  It is a portable high chair, set up like a folding camp chair.  It even comes with a bag to carry it in.

So, we took the chair over to let B try it out. It folds and can be carried just like a camp chair.  We took it out of the bag and unfolded the chair.  It has locks on each side, so make sure you have these snapped into place before placing your child in the chair.  The chair is made of a strong nylon fabric.  It has a vinyl tray for food or toys.  There is a small netting cup holder.  I love the safety features of the way the leg holes are built right into the chair.  B can not slide down and out, which seems to be a pretty common occurrence with some seats.  The actual straps that snap together are on the back of the chair.  No more accidentally pinching baby skin.

I like that ciao!baby, is a portable high chair  It is so easy to take to a park, a friends house or on a trip where there may not be a high chair to use.How many times have you had to hold your child on your lap because there was no high chair available?  You could purchase a ciao! baby chair and keep it in your car.  I also love that the chair has a vinyl, easy to clean tray.  For that matter, you could hose the whole chair down if necessary.

We are thinking about using this for B's birthday party this weekend, so that when he gets cake all over it is easy to clean up.  It will also be easier than bringing his regular high chair as we are going to an enclosed pavilion in a park.

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jerseygirl137 said...

What a great product, perfect for any family with a young child.
So many time you would go into a restaurant and the highchairs were down right dirty and nasty.
I love how it is lightweight and portable and easy to take anywhere.