Monday, December 3, 2018

B3 Blitz Holiday Fun!!

Hey neighbors!!

B3 Blitz is a super, fun game!! It is a perfect indoor play for these chilly, winter days. It is a table-top game that is so easy to play, well...sort of.  It takes a little bit of skill, but it is so much fun learning, that I think everyone will enjoy it!!

B3 Blitz has a base with a pole sticking up.  There are 5 removable bucketz, one to be placed on the top, two in the middle and two lower down.  You receive points for landing a ping-pong type ball in the bucketz, or the small bean bags.  Now the only thing with the pong ball is you have to bounce it in!!  I am sure you can play a game of just tossing it in, but it takes more skill to bounce it.  Children and adults alike will enjoy the challenge of B3 Blitz.

Be sure to watch the slow-motion video below from ChiTAG.

Not only do they have this tabletop game, but if you live in the south, or are willing to wait for better weather (We have snow on the ground.), they have an outside game called Bean Bag Bucketz.  We might get the opportunity to review that one come spring!!

This video is my husband playing.

B3 Blitz would make a great gift for the kids or grandkids, but I think the adults will like it too. Trying to get the perfect bounce takes practice.  ($29.99 on their website.) You can also purchase on B3 Blitz Amazon.

Take time to visit the Bean Bag Bucketz website, and follow them on their social media.
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