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Adventures in the Dominican Republic The Dominican Republic is an unforgettable Caribbean resort paradise that presents a combination of sea, beaches, sun worshipping, mountains, valleys, rivers, attractions, top-notch restaurants, live entertainment, and water sports for a delightful vacation or special occasion experience. This country is in the Greater Antilles archipelago, which it shares with Haiti, and occupies the eastern five-eighths of the Hispaniola island. It is the second-largest Caribbean nation by area with 18,792 square miles, the third largest by population with a 2018 estimate of 10,735,896 residents, is the largest and one of the fastest-growing economies in the Caribbean and Central America, and is the ninth largest economy in Latin America.

DESTINATIONS AND ATTRACTIONS Dominic Republic travel packages include excellent accommodations and an interesting variety of outstanding things to see and do, such as the following: The country has the world's second-largest gold mine named the Pueblo Viejo Mine. the tallest mountain peak in the Caribbean known as Pico Duarte, and the largest lake and point of lowest elevation in the Caribbean known as Lake Enriquillo. The country's second largest gold mine named the Pueblo Viejo Mine. the tallest mountain peak in the Caribbean known as Pico Duarte, and the largest lake and point of lowest elevation in the Caribbean known as Lake Enriquillo. Santo Domingo This is the capital and the largest city. It was the first permanent European settlement in the Americas and is the oldest continuously inhabited city. Named for its patron saint, Saint Dominic, it has a World Heritage Site in its Colonial Zone, which has the country's first castle, cathedral, fortress, and monastery. Nearby Ocean World offers a chance to swim with the sharks and dolphins, and you can enjoy shows with sea lions, dolphins, sharks, and birds. Santiago Known as the enchanting city of the 30 knights or the 30 gentlemen, Santiago is the Dominican Republic's second largest metropolis, is in the heart of El Cibao Valley, and has more than 750,000 residents. Santo Domingo is 85 miles southeast and Montecristi is to the northwest. Santiago is home to the oldest traditional families, the most prestigious merchants and executives, and many of the country leaders with most of the country’s presidents having been raised there. The city’s main shopping district and cultured downtown area is filled with shops, hotels, restaurants, a Free Trade Zone,  and places to listen to the national music of the Merengue and Bachata.


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