Thursday, December 20, 2018

11" SensoRed Wok

Hey neighbors!!

I am really intrigued by this new wok we received.  The SensoRed Wok from Fissler is designed so that you know when the pan is at the right temperature for adding your food.  The pan is speckled inside and as it heats up, the whole inside of the pan turns the same color as the speckles.  They use a thermo-sensitive nonstick coating to ensure your food is placed in the pan at the right temperature.

So, we tried out the new pan and it is wonderful.  My daughter placed it on the stove added a little oil and waited for the pan to heat up.  She then cooked up the beef strips for our Beef and Gravy with Brown Rice dinner.  You can see the difference in the pan after it started heating up.  The meal was great of course. 

My conclusion is that this would make a great gift for that special cook on your holiday list!!

If you are interested in this SensoRed Wok, you can find out more on their website.  Also follow them on their social media.
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