Thursday, November 29, 2018

Preparing For Christmas To Avoid The January Low

Christmas is depicted in the popular culture as a season of festivities and happiness. We all share the idyllic image of a snowy Christmas day and depending on where you live in the country, you might indeed have your wish of a white Christmas granted –, a cozy cup of hot cocoa, and a relaxing day with the family. For most households, despite the stress that precedes Christmas, American families do their best to enjoy the holiday together and in the best of spirits.

And then comes January. Did you know that according to doctors, January is the month of the year when you’re the most likely to struggle with seasonal affective disorders? Indeed, once the Christmas high is over, it’s not uncommon to experience a period of depression, health issues, and financial stress. However, while it’s a frequent occurrence, it is by no means an inevitable situation. On the contrary, you can take preventive measures now to avoid the traditional January hit. 

No Overspending, Turn Your Unwanted Items Into Money
Every year, many American households overspend for their Christmas celebrations. At the beginning of 2018, American families recorded on average over $1,000 of Christmas debt, which some have still have not managed to repay. You can’t afford to stretch your budget to such excess every year. Consequently, you need to be careful to manage your budget effectively ahead of the shopping season. First of all, if you happen to have unwanted gift cards, you can take a look at this guide and find out how to exchange your card for cash. Additionally, now is the perfect time to declutter the house, you can sell unwanted and unused items to help increase your Christmas budget. You’ll be surprised to know that even vintage clothes from the previous years can sell at a good price on online platforms such as eBay and Facebook marketplace.

Christmas Is Not About Putting on Weight
You are what you eat. Nothing new here, but this statement is especially true when it comes to Christmas. The festive season is a season of indulgence, with delicious treats and excessive meals. However, you risk slowing down your metabolism if you’re not careful. Even during the Christmas period, you need to pay attention to your diet, A balanced diet, rich in fruit and vegetables can help you to stay healthy throughout the winter. Of course, it’s impossible not to indulge a little. However, do make sure to keep your sugar consumption low and avoid unhealthy snacks. The advantage is that you can start the year without the typical resolution of losing weight!

Don’t Allow Stress to Ruin the Holiday
Last, but not least, it’s important not to let stress accumulate over the holidays. Indeed, Christmas can be extremely stressful for families, especially if you’re trying to accommodate everyone. You can learn breathing techniques from yoga to help you to relax during the yearly family reunion. Ultimately, when you’re hosting, there are one million things you need to think of at any given time. Knowing how to keep your cool can prevent any anxious backlash in the post-Christmas period.

A bullet journal can help you to organize Christmas

From stress to overspending, you need to employ Christmas management skills this year to make the most of the festive period and recharge your batteries before the start of the new year.

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