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Health and Fitness for Me

Hi Neighbors,

I am now 6 years into my journey with Type 2 diabetes.  I have found myself slipping this last year.  Not worrying as much about my diet, and definitely allowing exercise to slip away.  I recently decided that I need to get back to work and restructure my daily eating and schedule.  Thus far I have been controlling this through watching what I eat and doing light exercise.  So far my bloodwork has been coming back ok recently, but I feel the need to improve that from ok to much better.  I do have slightly elevated blood pressure to go along with the diabetes and at 54 I have to make some more changes.  I discovered I had Type 2 Diabetes when I was suffering with severe hip pain, that shot down the back of my leg and across the front of my foot.  This made some exercise difficult.

When I was first told I had diabetes, they put me on metformin and of course told me to watch my diet, but they also said that most people are on metformin for life, as well as other medications, because they will not watch what they eat nor exercise regularly.  At that time I decided to prove them wrong.  I started counting carbs, cut out sweet tea, and started walking on a treadmill.  I had eggs for breakfast every single morning.  Somtimes they were poached, often they were scrambled with sausage, bacon, spinach, garlic, onion and green pepper added.  Lunch consisted of a salad with lots of greens and other veggies topped with a meat.  Dinner was meat and a vegetable, often broccoli, green beans, or cauliflour. I drank water non-stop.  I could only walk very slow and for short periods of time due to my leg feeling numb.  I always held on to the side bars on the treadmill, often wondering if my leg would give out.  I slowly built up and was able to walk for longer periods of time, and at slightly faster speeds.  I have not consider other forms of pain management for my leg yet, like Dr. Eldor Brish specializes in, but who knows for sure what the future holds.

I started to slip when I began drinking diet soda, allowing a sweet treat here and there and I became too "busy" to go to the gym.  It was too easy to say, tomorrow, I'll start again tomorrow.  Tomorrow never happened.

So, now I have decided that I need to get active again.  I will start slow, because I have to, but I will work towards goals and continue setting new ones.  I will be stricter on my diet, because I know it is better for me.  It's funny because I was quite content drinking water and tea with an artificial sweetener, and had to force myself to drink diet soda, but it became easier and easier to choose the soda.  My leg and foot is still numb sometimes to the point it hurts at the end of the day. So I know I will once again start slowly on the treadmill and taking short healthy walks around town.  I will have to do some stretches to help loosen up my leg again.  Were there hard days before? Yes!  Will there be hard days again? Yes, but I have to do this to be more healthy and to keep the diabetes under control.  Maybe I can share some of my journey on here this time.


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