Saturday, November 24, 2018

Eat Smart Digital Scale

Hi Neighbors!!

Here's another gift idea for the holidays.  This is perfect for anyone who prepares meals.  The Precision Digital Kitchen Scale from Eat Smart is an item I will be using over the coming months.  Since I will be starting up my diet again I can use this when measuring the weight of foods.  Of course it can be used in any kitchen, not just in the ones who are dieting.

This scale is accurate to .1 oz and the max weight is 11 lbs.  Not that I will need to weigh any food that will be 11 lbs. on my diet, but it is still good to know.  It does have a tare feature which can be turned on or off, which you can use to subtract the weight of the bowl or container used.  As is shown by the name, it is a digital scale.  I much prefer those over the old scales, where you had to watch and see where the little pointer lined up.  The platform where you place the food to be weighed is slightly recessed, to help food or dish stay in place.  The battery is included.  This scale is sleek and black and looks perfect on my counter waiting to be used.

There are other uses for a scale like this one.  My husband has a small kitchen scale he uses for weighing books he is shipping out.  Usually only one to two books at a time,  of course.

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Anonymous said...

CalPal Digital Bathroom Scale

Vickers at ccomcast dot net

Rusthawk said...

Voyager Digital Luggage Scale, I sure could use one!