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Goals For Your Business

Hey neighbors!!

How many of you own your own business?  You may own a physical business or an online business, or perhaps you provide a service, but either way, I am sure you have goals in mind.  Most businesses have a business plan with goals they would like to reach, and as the business grows, the goals may change, but you still have goals.  I am sure that your goals will grow and change as your business develops.

Customer success may mean different things to different individuals.  To some, it may be that customer success is to have your customer leave happy with their purchase.  To another customer, success may be having the customer so satisfied, that they continue using their service.  Maybe this is a new idea for you.  If so, take a minute and think about your personal goals for your customers.  What does customer success mean to you?

Another goal might be to see your business reach a certain sales mark within a specified length of time.  Do you have sales goals for your business?  You should have both long-term and short-term goals.  Also, set a specific date to assess how your business is doing.  See if your goals are realistic, or if you need to make some adjustments.  By having business goals and deadlines set, you will have something to work towards.

If your business is service related, one of your goals might be to see a certain number of return customers, or an exact quota of people who have signed up long term for your service.  You most likely have plans in place to boost your sales and customer base.  You might want to consider taking a survey to see how you can improve your customer service and/or the service itself.  See if there are add-on services that would make your business more desirable to your customer base.

In today's internet world, do not forget to set up social media pages.  Try to set goals for each of your business social media pages.  Try different sites for a month or two and then evaluate which ones are working best for your business and weed out those that do not assist you in your goals.  You may find that certain days or times work better for posting.  Be sure to check out apps that allow you to schedule posts, as this will cut down on the actual amount of time you spend using social media.  Interacting online with the people who respond to your posts is a benefit.  Once you have decided which social media outlets work best for you, set goals of how often you will be posting, and set a budget if you are paying for advertising through social media.

Profit is, of course, a major goal for a business.  I mean, most people do not start a business just to waste time and lose money.  It may take you some time to reach your goals, so be sure to set realistic goals when you begin.  Most business ventures are not an overnight success.

As you set these goals, be sure to schedule time for you to have downtime.  Time with your family and/or friends where you talk about anything but business.  Just relax some.  This will allow you to come back feeling refreshed and ready to continue to grow your business.

If you own a business, share with us some of your goals and strategies.  Thank you for stopping by.


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