Monday, September 3, 2018

A Few Thoughts on Going Green

Hey neighbors!!

Great to see you today!  Just wondering how many of you are practicing "going green"?  We have implemented a few different ideas in our home, but I would say we are still far from being considered a "green" family.  We have re-usable water bottles and drink containers that we use on trips.  We also have different snack containers so we are not using plastic bags.  I still do not consider us green though.  So, I am going to share a few ideas here if you are considering going green.  Remember going green can be as small as no longer using bottled water, to totally changing how your home receives power. You can learn more about Going Green and Climate Change here with, Adrian Rubin.

1. Start simple.  Purchase re-usable water bottles, preferable not plastic, and snack containers.  Consider buying a few totes, for carrying your groceries and other purchases home.  Keep one or two in your vehicle so you have them with you when needed.  These are simple easy changes you can make to start going green.

2. Cut back where you can on water and electric.  Teach everyone in the family to turn off lights that are not in use.  Also turn them off anytime you are leaving a room, unless someone else in in there of course.  Take shorter showers.  Consider having a timer so teens and younger children know when they need to finish.  Also, you can hand wash dishes.  By the time you rinse all your dishes, and then run the dish washer, you have used quite a bit more water.

3. Use a clothes line to dry your clothing during good weather.  Some of you may even be able to hang your clothing inside to dry, depending on space.  Use towels more than once.  We give each person a towel and they are to hang it up to dry after use and they are to use it for several days before putting it in to be washed.

4. If you have the space, consider starting a compost pile. This will cut down on trash going to a landfill.  Growing up I remember my grandparents had a worm bed, where they composted discarded food.  We had the best worms for fishing!!  They also had a burn barrel to burn paper and cardboard rather than throwing it in the trash.

5. Along the same lines, consider growing food, such as vegetables, berries and fruits.  My daughter loves to take care of a small garden.  You can find many different ideas online on how to garden in small spaces.

6. Use Green Products in the home for cleaning, bathing, washing your hair, etc.  This is something you can also easily find on the internet.  These products are designed to cut down on the effect on the environment. There are even perfumes and makeup that are environmentally friendly.  Test some out to find the products that work for you.  Using green products will make your home safer for your family as you are not using a bunch of harsh chemicals.

7. We also use essentials oils in our home for many purposes.  We have diffusers set up in several rooms.  Different essential oils can be used as cleaning products and for your health.

These are just a few of the easy to implement steps you can take to help your family to live green.  There are of course many other ways to make your home more energy efficient and to leave less of a footprint on the environment.  For instance we have considered installing solar panels, but as I said, that is a much larger step.

If you have any good suggestions for "going green", be sure to share them in the comments.  Thanks for stopping in!

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