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What Is Your Home Missing?

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Whether you live in a brand new house with all the modern amenities or an old property that’s been your home for years, many people find themselves less than content with their household. Of course, whilst you know that there’s something missing from your home, you’re not quite sure as to what that something is. Why doesn’t your house feel like anything more than four walls and a roof? It might be a case of outdated or simply undesirable design. Alternatively, it might be a case of modern design that’s a little too sterile and lacking in any personality; perhaps there’s nothing to tell you that this is your home. What is your home missing? That’s something only you can answer, but the suggestions in this article might steer you towards the answer you need.

Your home feels small and cramped.
There’s a difference between living in a cozy little house and living in a house which simply feels cramped. If you’d rather live in a small house then that’s fine, but you shouldn’t live in a cluttered and messy house. Essentially, you shouldn’t be wasting potential space. If you feel as if you’re tripping over yourself to simply navigate your home then it might be time to clean up the place. Once you start to declutter and open up space in your home, you might find that the minimalistic aesthetic you’ve been craving is more achievable than you thought. Spaciousness is the key to living in a warm and welcoming home.

Your outdoor area has been forgotten.
When you feel less than enthused about returning home the minute you see your property come into view, you might want to ask yourself whether the problems lie with the exterior of your home. Perhaps you’ve simply neglected your household’s outdoor area, and that’s why it makes such a bad impression before you’ve even stepped through the front door. Starting with a tidy-up of the front yard will make a difference. You could clean up the driveway and put a few potted plants or flowers along the front of the house to add some natural color and impact to this outdoor area. You could even repave the path leading up to your front door and repaint the door itself so as to make it look new and fresh.

As for your back yard, you should never neglect this area. It’s just as much a part of your home as the kitchen, the living, or any indoor room in your house. Letting the grass become overgrown and the flowers wither away is a waste of all that beautiful potential space. You need to get outside and clean up this area. Mow the lawn, trim back the hedges, and plant some brand new flowers. You could even start a vegetable patch so that you have an excuse to spend more time in the garden tending to things. Additionally, creating a patio area will make this outdoor space feel more homey and cozy. You could even look into glass extensions if you want your home’s interior to become more connected to its exterior. The point is that you can make your garden feel as if it’s part of your home. A few cushioned seats and a gazebo for shelter could transform this space.

Your rooms are poorly lit.
You might be surprised by the impact of lighting when it comes to the aesthetic of a room. Perhaps you’ve already designed and cleaned your house well, but the rooms still feel dim and dull or, alternatively, too harshly-lit. If you misjudge the lighting needed for particular spaces in your house then you can completely ruin the feeling of the room. If you want a warm and bright room then make sure you use neutral colors such as white to naturally reflect light and create an airy space. You should use warm lighting in “relaxation” areas, such as the living room or dining room, and use harsher lighting in “work” areas, such as the kitchen or study.

Hopefully some of these hints will help you to make some changes in your home.


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