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Omni Nashville Hotel #TravelTuesday #OmniResorts

My sisters and I recently took a rather extended road trip from western Illinois to Tampa, Florida where we boarded a cruise ship for a 5 day Caribbean adventure. On our way, we were able to stop and get a taste of downtown Nashville, Tennessee with a visit to the Omni Nashville. We pulled in around 4:00 in the afternoon, and were greeted by an employee who offered to help with luggage, parking, et cetera. From the moment you step foot (or drive) onto Omni Nashville property, you will feel pampered. I wasn't even allowed the chance to open the front doors, as a bellhop hurried over to hold the door for me going in and out. Checking in was an easy process, with Paul making sure that I knew all the necessary details including parking, the need for a key to access certain floors via the elevator, and offered assistance if I had any questions later on.

Our guest room was quite a delight. A plush king-sized bed, a corner couch, desk for any business you might need to get done, and an oversized bathroom are all among the luxuries you will enjoy during your stay.

Once we had unpacked a few things, we took a walk around the property to get an idea of the size and all the offerings. There is a cafe on the main floor (perfect for folks like me who need several cups a day to survive!) as well as a steakhouse and a Southern cuisine restaurant. We also discovered the Mokara Spa and one of the best-equipped fitness centers I've ever seen in a hotel. Literally any machine or fitness tool you can imagine is in here, from kettlebells and mats to machines for just about every part of the body (triceps, biceps, etc) in addition to the standard treadmills and bikes. I could easily spend a couple hours in this fitness center!

M was thrilled with the views of downtown Nashville from the hotel. I'm not a city girl, but there was something about seeing the skyline light up at night that was just gorgeous. We even found a small balcony seating area that gave us a wonderful view. You will also find the pool outside on the rooftop, which I'm sure makes for an incredible swim. (We didn't have a chance to actually try it out).

The Omni Nashville is located right downtown, so you're in easy walking distance of many attractions and restaurants. In fact, the Omni is actually attached to the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum, giving extra easy access. We had time to stroll a little bit, simply enjoying the southern "big city" charm.

If you're heading to or through Nashville at any time, or maybe want to vacation in Nashville, I recommend checking out the Omni Nashville. You will find high quality service, classy and stylish accommodations, and easy access to all the Nashville attractions.


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